‘If we play that way Arsenal will destroy us’ Manchester City’s coach Pep Guardiola issues stern waring to his team despite 4-2 victory vs Tottenham

Manchester City is far from their usual standard where the defending Premier League champions are edging past teams marginally but not in as convincing a manner as they tend to do.

Man City are currently sitting just behind Arsenal as the Gunners are blistering in form after their dominating 2022/23 campaign under Mikel Arteta.

A second-half comeback against Spurs at Etihad left the City team high in spirit but there were genuine concerns for Pep Guardiola over his team.

“We are far away from the team we had in previous seasons. Do you think this comeback [from 2-0 down against Tottenham to winning 4-2] will happen every time? It won’t. How do I get the fire back? It’s my duty, my job.”

“I want my fans back. I don’t recognize my team. I’m not going to tell you what I said at half-time, but I want a reaction for all the club, all the organization, the players, the staff, everyone.”- Guardiola almost pleaded.

Guardiola is identifying his team is facing a fade moment to their season and Arsenal will definitely exploit the vulnerability. The Spanish maestro now wants to show some reaction, otherwise, he believes the Gunners will destroy them brutally.

“We are a happy flowers team, but I don’t want to be happy flowers. I want to beat Arsenal, but if we play in that way Arsenal will destroy us. The players want it, they train really well but there is something that is here in the clouds.

“I see Arsenal games and they do everything well, that is why they are in front and deserve it. And I say this after 4-2 when I am incredibly happy. I will sleep tonight like a baby.”- Guardiola further added.

The winning mentality and hunger of the team are what Guardiola, and his football is all about, perhaps a test is on his way through Mikel Arteta, but the bald tactician is a genius at work.

“I have experience. I have won a lot. It means every day I see things that you don’t see because you are not there. I see it. It is not one single player, it is everyone. But we will come back.”- Man City boss concluded.


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