Peyton Hillis health update: Ex-Giants’ RB discharged from hospital after drowning in attempt to save his kids

Former NFL running back Peyton Hillis had been taken to the hospital after a heroic rescue of his children from drowning at Pensacola Beach. He was admitted to the ICU at the local hospital with an extreme emergency.

The 37-year-old father was enjoying a family moment at the beach with his two children playing nearby. However, the mind-soothing environment shattered in a blinking of an eye after he realized his children were drowning in the sea. The athlete then instantly jumped to rescue them without any consideration of what might happen as a result of his daunting action. His sister was also involved in the rescue attempt.

Though he was able to save them, it would nearly cost him his life, as the excessive circulation of salt water damaged Hillis’ kidneys and lungs. The physician did their best to snatch the hero from death, and the father is currently in much better condition.

What is the update on Peyton Hillis’ health?

Peyton’s sister, Hayley Davis, informed us through a Facebook post that her brother had been released from the hospital on Thursday. She hailed the recovery as ‘truly a miracle.’

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It will be almost three weeks since Peyton was admitted to the hospital. The former player is now receiving home care at his residence. In her post, Davis also said, “Everything health-wise is looking good and has all improved.”

Hillis made his NFL debut for the Denver Broncos in 2008, and later he played for the Cleveland Browns, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the New York Giants. After suffering several concussions during his career, he retired from competitive sports in 2015.

In the seven seasons of his career, he played 81 games, rushed for 2832 yards at 4.1 yards per carry, and scored 23 rushing touchdowns.

We are truly overwhelmed by Peyton’s recovery. We are wishing the best for the rest of the future for this loving, ferocious father, a family man to the end.


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