Peyton Hillis health update: Ex-Giants’ RB remains unconscious in ICU doctors say his kidneys are of serious concern

Peyton Hillis is a former NFL player who made a name for himself on and off the field. Hillis had been out of the NFL world’s attention for quite a while. However, the former New York Giant RB’s name has resurfaced since last week, and not for the best reasons.Payton Hillis Peyton Hillis in the film- The Hunting.

What Happened to Peyton Hillis?

After retirement, every man desires to spend the “good life” with their loved ones, and so did Hillis- a player with phenomenal records in the NFL; in eighty-one games, the RB has gained 2832 rushing yards in his 696 rushing attempts and score 23 magnificent touchdowns. After having a wonderful career, Peyton spent most of his time with his family, mainly his two sons.

It was like any other father-son beach vacation day on Wednesday, the 4th of January. The man with his boys was swimming when all of a sudden, Hillis saw his kids drowning, and not thinking twice; he went to the rescue. Though both of his children were safe, the same could not be said about Peyton. 

Having saved his children, Hills got unconscious on the beach, only to be rescued by a helicopter which came just in time after lifeguards and medical professionals of the beach were unable to get him on his feet. 

After being admitted to the ICU because of lung and kidney issues, the doctors suggested the player was recovering. Yet, the player was not released from the hospital. As of today, news of the players’ health remains to be concerning. 

Peyton Hillis’s condition has gotten a little bit better, but his kidneys are still a big worry for his medical team. MLFootball has confirmed his health condition in their latest tweet.

What did MLFootball tweet?

In their tweet, MLFootball wrote, 

“Former #NFL RB Peyton Hillis remains in critical condition and in the ICU after saving his kids from drowning Thursday.”

“Hillis was coughing up sand and was put 100% on the ventilator, and his kidney are still not functioning normally.”

“The family asks you all to pray”

“A hero🙏🏽”

Hillis is a real hero with the utmost courage. Let us all pray and hope that Peyton and his family can quickly pass this tragic incident with Hillis’s swift recovery.



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