“I’ll pay for the divorce” When NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe tried bizarre way to date a married woman

Former Denver Broncos star tight end, Shannon Sharpe, is known for his candid approach to any incident and unique way of observing and analyzing situations.

His popular show with Skip Bayless, ‘Undisputed,’ has gained fame for the co-hosts’ polarizing stance on several matters. For instance, Skip is well known for his harsh criticism of Lebron James, while Shannon is one of the biggest fans of the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Their humor draws the audience to the show, and recently, in an episode, the Hall of Famer shared a bizarre story with his co-host that left fans stunned.

What did Shannon Sharpe say?

The 54-year-old shared a weird story about him trying to woo a woman to date while fixing her for divorce. As peculiar as it may sound, men are known for making unimaginable moves for their women.

“I was once dating this chick, Skip, and she was married when she was getting a divorce. I knew I wanted her,” the three-time Super Bowl winner said. “I said, ‘You know what? I’ll pay for the divorce,’ because I believed she was the one.”

“That’s what I did; I said, ‘Why are you arguing about this? He wouldn’t sign the paper,” the eight-time pro bowler added. “I say, ‘Why are you arguing about this little bit of money?’ I gave him the money and filed for divorce. I did that!”

The story ends there, and we didn’t get to know who that woman was or when Sharpe pulled this stunt. Although, it makes sense for such an unorthodox move from a man, especially when it comes to a guy like him.

The analyst joined Bayless on the show in 2016, and since then they have managed to get the attention of millions of viewers with their mesmerizing and interesting point of view on athletes and other stuff.

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