Fans are livid as Roman Reigns beat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 to successfully defend his belt

The Bloodline was about to fall apart and Cody Rhodes was making a strong effort to end the Reigns era, putting Roman Reigns’ protracted reign inside the WWE in danger. Roman, today, dispelled all worries at WrestleMania by successfully defending his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The 39th annual WrestleMania, which was held at the SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California this year, finally featured The Tribal Chief vs. Cody Rhodes after months of buildup. The annual WWE flagship event, which is recognized as the biggest and most popular pay-per-view wrestling event in the world, did not let down wrestling fans around the world as Roman continues to be dominant.

How did fans react to Roman Reigns beating Cody Rhodes?

Fans took to Twitter to express their instant reactions as Roman successfully defeated The American Nightmare. This section of the article shares some of the bizarre fan reactions regarding Roman’s triumph.

Ramo seems to be absolutely happy with the outcome as he said, “Don’t care what anyone says I think either one of those men could have won today and I would’ve been happy because this match WAS SO FUCKING GOOD.” 

Kevin Franklin is not entirely happy as he must have expressed Cody to rule. Kevin said, “It’s not the talents fault. It’s the creative team that writes the matches and everything. I like Roman Reigns as a wrestler, but WWE really needs to mix things up.” 

“Like i get it. Roman is a huge draw and the face of the company but literally Cody couldn’t be any more over. If you know Roman is going part time soon why even book it this way? Simply the 1000 day reign matters more to the powers that be then giving the fans what they want.” Cardiac Canes said.

Another user named Allen is all in for a change at the moment as he said,” He has to hold the title another year now doesn’t he? A reign this long can’t end anywhere but with a Mania moment. WWE is messing with having this overstay it’s welcome thus limiting the response when the change finally does happen.”

“I wanted Roman to win, so did many others and that was a banger match, it’s the endings man the endings, just let him win clean for once or maybe with a low blow or something.” Master of Alchemy said.

However, not everyone’s devastated at the outcome. Many users also expressed happiness considering Cody will eventually get more chances in the future.

A user said,” Y’all are acting like Cody is going away! Roman has been champion for 3 years, and needs to break the 1000 days. That doesn’t mean Cody can’t win the title later down the line. He’s still able to finish the story. But, Roman needs to fulfill this milestone. Amazing match. ”

Cicero Marcos, can not fathom the fact if not Cody, who else is going to end Roman’s reign in WWE as he said,” Man, the results of the last two matches draged the show to the ground. Now please don’t tell me that The Rock of all people is the one who’s gonna end Roman title Reign in next year’s WrestleMania. Just thinking about it makes me sick.”

Another user expressed his frustration regarding Rhodes not getting a chance to take the throne on a big stage like WrestleMania.” Some people saying that cody will challenge him again and win.But why?Why not now while almost everyone are hyped for him? Why in a smaller event unless you want to wait another year. It’s been almost 3 years since i cared that much about wwe title match so i guess it will make 4.”

What do you think about the outcome? Do you also think it should have been Cody Rhodes to win tonight? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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