“I’ll show up and break your jaw”: Conor McGregor’s cheeky comments on Roman Reigns sparks verbal feud with manager Paul Heyman

Conor McGregor hardly ever manages to go online without getting into a fight with someone at any given time. In this case the Irish superstar has engaged in a Twitter spat with none other than Paul Heyman, the manager of Roman Reigns. 

The Notorious has a reputation for engaging in Twitter disputes with combat sports personalities. The Irish recently almost reignited his feud with Jose Aldo after teasing a boxing match.

However, this time it seems a little different as Conor apparently sparked the fire with the ‘Wise Man’ who is often regarded as the greatest manager in the wrestling industry. 

What sparked the feud between Paul Heyman and Conor McGregor?

It started with Conor posting a picture on Twitter with two belts on his shoulder. Conor apparently staged this pose to make fun of The Tribal Chief by holding up a belt for the UFC and another for the WWE. This is an iconic posture of Roman Reigns since he is now the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. 

Conor’s impersonation didn’t go unnoticed by Heyman. The manager of Roman, also a part and parcel of The Bloodline, instantly took a shot at the former UFC lightweight champ. 

“The Notorious is a Roman Reigns wannabe” Heyman tweeted. 

When it comes to making savage replies on Twitter, Conor is hard to beat. The Irishman also launched a counterattack Paul calling him grandpa. UFC fans are now speculating whether it is any teaser from the 34-year-old fighter to sign a contract with the world’s biggest wrestling organization 

“Careful grampa. I’ll show up and break your jaw in 3 pieces.” Conor tweeted. 

Considering how Roman has already been the champion for nearly 1000 days now, many fans are getting tired. Cody Rhodes was expected to defeat the Tribal Chief but things did not materialize that way in the end.

It is possible that the ‘Mystic Mac’ could step in and take the coveted titles from ROman and what a plot twist it would be!

What do you think about the whole dispute between Conor McGregor and Paul Heyman? Do you think this could just be Conor teasing his WWE appearance in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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