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“I’m Satisfied With the Money and Accomplishments I Achieved in 8 Years” Aaron Donald Gets Brutally Honest on his NFL Career

Aaron Donald

After the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl last year, Aaron Donald talked about his future in a podcast with I Am Athlete said, “I’m happy I’m fine I don’t need to play I don’t the thing is I don’t need to play football to be fine like I’m fine like I was blessed to play this game to make the money I made. The accomplishments I made in eight years it’s like I’m complete.”

Donald also told the hosts of the podcast that celebrating with his family is unlike anything else he has experienced. “Then you get to have your kids, your family on the field with you, playing in the confetti. Every interview I was in, my kids with me, my wife, it was just different .. There’s no other feeling like it,” he said.

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It has started to feel more like Aaron Donald is not joking about his retirement this time. The Super Bowl champion is still in doubt if he will be extending his contract with the Rams or not. If the NFL legend retired tomorrow, what would his hall of fame career be missing? Literally nothing.

However, It will be a setback for the LA Rams as they will lose their most precious quarterback. If the Rams can offer the Defensive Rookie of the Year a 30-million-dollar contract, the situation could be night and day.

The defensive star later said, “If he plays this season, it’s just to win another Super Bowl.” The habit of winning the Super Bowl can be addictive, and that feeling might keep the 31-year-old NFL star from an early retirement.

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