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NFL Trade Rumor: Rams Star Aaron Donald Hints Contract Extension as He Got “Addicted to Winning Super Bowls”

NFL  superstar Aaron Donald was allegedly looking at retirement. Especially after Super Bowl LVI victory against Cincinnati Bengals. But it seems the rumors are up to no good.

Donald revealed on “I Am Athelete” podcast that a contract extension is most likely. 

The query is still at a “probable” stage. Los Angeles Rams superstar joked about being “Addicted” to winning Super Bowls. Donald helped the Rams bag in a win with making a record of two sacks and three quarterback hits. 

The offseason was rather busy with retirement rumors as his career has been historic in NFL. It had supposedly cooled down but after a controversial podcast appearance, it seems like the rumors are breathing fire once more. 

The superstar didn’t leave any leaf unturned from hyping up his retirement plans to contract extension with the Rams. Back in 2018, $135 million contract extension was signed up tp 6 years. It put him on the map as the highest paid defensive player in NFL. Surpassing the players of yesteryears, he has made his mark. 

One of the highest paid players of NFL currently made $22.5 million in this year’s campaign. Donald wouldn’t draw up comparisons but is head to head with T.J. Watt, leagues’ highest paid defensive player.  

Apart from contract extension, the new deal with Kanye West has definitely caught everyone’s eye. The most popular TV personality that is Kanye West, frequently making headlines in tabloids has successfully cracked a deal with NFL superstar. The freshly afloat “Donda Sports” is a new road of financial opportunities for the Super Bowl Addict.  This could work like a catalyst and soon a new Rams contract could be on its way in no time. 

Donald Aaron knows what is best for him and wouldn’t definitely overstay his welcome cause his legacy is his most priced intangible crown jewel at present time.

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