“I’m so hyped for this new season” NBA world react to Brittney Griner resigning with Mercury following her release from Russian prison

As the new NBA season approaches, basketball fans around the world are buzzing with excitement. But amidst all the hype and anticipation, one recent development has taken the NBA world by storm. 

Brittney Griner has made headlines with her decision to re-sign with the Phoenix Mercury after her unexpected release from a Russian prison. The news has sparked a frenzy of reactions from fans and analysts alike, as everyone tries to make sense of this shocking turn of events.

The latest news about Brittney Griner has set the NBA world abuzz. According to ESPN, Griner, who was recently detained in Russia on smuggling charges, is set to make a comeback with the Phoenix Mercury, her former team in the WNBA. Before her troubles, Griner had a successful stint with the Mercury, winning a WNBA Championship in 2014 and achieving numerous scoring and block titles.

The dramatic and politically charged saga surrounding Brittney Griner has finally reached a genuine resolution. After an extended period of detention in Russia, Griner was released in December. 

She had been apprehended by Russian authorities for allegedly attempting to smuggle a minute amount of medically-prescribed hashish oil. Griner’s return to the US required a contentious prisoner exchange, which was not without its own controversies.

Having attended Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, it appears that Griner will not have to travel far now that she has signed with the Phoenix Mercury.

The NBA world has been abuzz with reactions to Griner’s signing. Many fans and personalities have expressed their well-wishes for her and cheered her on, saying “Good for her!”

On the other hand, the reactions to Griner’s signing have been quite varied. As one might expect from someone who has garnered attention from figures such as President Donald Trump and others, opinions have been diverse.

Her decision to re-sign with the Mercury has reignited excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season, as fans eagerly await her return to the court. Despite the uncertainty and speculation surrounding her time in Russia, Griner’s dedication to her team and her sport is unwavering, and her return is sure to bring a new level of energy and enthusiasm.


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