“I’m the first man to break Roman Reigns”: WWE superstar demands recognition for ending the tribal chief’s winning run

Roman Reigns is aware that Xavier Woods is keen to face him and take his place as the WWE Universal Champion. Woods has expressed his desire to challenge Reigns and win the title for himself.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington names Roman Reigns as the WWE G.O.A.T

After his defeat to Baron Corbin at TLC in 2019,  Reigns made an impressive comeback on television by winning consecutively for two years. However, his winning streak was thought to have ended when he was disqualified in his match against Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble in 2022.

Yet, it was later discovered that this moment had only cast a shadow over a previous no-contest outcome that took place two months earlier.

During the November 12, 2021 episode of “WWE SmackDown,” Xavier faced off against Reigns in a Championship Contender match. Despite appearing to have the upper hand, Woods was interrupted by The Usos who had other plans.

While attempting to pin Reigns, Jimmy and Jey intervened and attacked Woods, leading to the referee stopping the match. Although commentator Michael Cole declared that Reigns would be disqualified, the WWE later categorized the bout as a no-contest.

Roman Reigns Challenged by Xavier Woods for WWE Universal Championship

Simon Miller of WhatCulture Wrestling asked Xavier Woods about his chances of challenging Reigns for the title during their interview.

“Yes, very much so. The fact that I won King of the Ring by beating a former Intercontinental Champion in Ricochet, while beating a former heavyweight champion in Jinder Mahal, while beating the first-ever Universal Champion in Finn Balor, and then going on to defeat each of The Usos in singles completion, and then be the only man.

“Oh, sorry, because Seth Rollins [did], but we talk about that one and not mine. I’m the first man to break Roman Reigns’ two-year winning streak, but we just don’t talk about it. Why? Tell me why. I don’t understand why we don’t talk about this. I’ve been killing it. Next year is 20 years in the game.”

Xavier believes he deserves another chance to face the WWE Universal Champion. Despite his previous win against Reigns not receiving the recognition it deserved. During an interview with “WhatCulture Wrestling.” Woods argued for his case to challenge Reigns, highlighting that he was the first to break Reigns’ two-year winning streak, but it went unnoticed.

He expressed his frustration and eagerness to have a proper match against Reigns, saying, “I’m fighting tooth and nail to get any kind of respectable match in my wheelhouse.”

Despite seeing some competitors receive title shots seemingly out of nowhere. Woods has been steadily making progress in and out of the wrestling ring. He now seems prepared to take his career to the next level and challenge “The Tribal Chief” once again. “Let Woods fight,” he declared, urging fans to use the hashtag to show their support.

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