“I’m very hurt, but grateful” Mandy Rose speaks out about her release from WWE

Mandy Rose was devastated after being fired from WWE. She later revealed why she did what she did, which led to her downfall. Mandy was recently featured on the Tamron Hall Show, where she suggested that World Wrestling Entertainment could have notified her of the specific reasons before canceling her contract.

The 32-year-old is disappointed in the world’s largest wrestling organization for her unnoticed departure. She claimed that she was never provided with the precise reason for her removal. Although she later confirmed that it was indeed because of her FanTime content, which was highly unsuitable for the corporation. A lot of her content has also leaked out for all ages to see, which is damaging the company’s reputation.

Rose has a long list of accomplishments in the wrestling industry. However, despite all that her victory over Raquel González did to earn her maiden title, the NXT Women’s Championship in December 2022 would be the most significant. Regardless of the fact that good times didn’t last long. She quickly became involved in the FanTime subscription drama. However, she has lately announced that she is going to tell her story on national television.

In a recent talk show with the NXT Women’s Champion on the Tamron Hall Show, she mentioned, “I can’t sit here and say that I was wronged or not, but I’m very hurt. Nobody wants to get that call that they’re being fired from any job, right? So I was very hurt. “I was very disappointed.” She added later that she was informed that her content had gotten “more racy” after getting fired. However, she ends the talk show by admitting that she is always grateful for what the organization has offered and for giving her a platform where she can grow.



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