Is Emma Raducanu turning into a dissonant apprentice for the coaches?

Emma Raducanu, the 19 year old tennis sensation, is a gem for Britain as she won the US Open in 2021 under coach Andrew Richardson but eventually parted ways with him.

From the beginning of 2022, Raducanu worked with coach Torben Beltz but after just five months, she separated him from the coaching duty.   

This year Emma had been suffering from injuries but until recently she managed to qualify for the quarterfinal of the Stuttgart Open in which she ultimately lost to the World No. 1 Iga Świątek.

Many ex-players and tennis critics are commenting that Raducanu is losing momentum as well as forms because of frequent changes of coaches. For instance- she changed four coaches in less than a year but still managed to survive surprisingly.

Who worked with Emma for the last couple of years?

Nigel Sears was Emma’s coach during the final session at her Wimbledon journey last year after that she appointed Andrew Richardson until the 2021 Grand Slam in the US. It was Jeremy Bates, an LTA coach, who was then appointed as a provisional mentor for her before appointing Torben Beltz. 

Beltz, however, managed to coach Raducanu until the Stuttgart Open this year but recently been dismantled from his duty. 

What did Raducanu achieve under those coaches?  

The most important title is obviously the 2021 Grand Slam when Andrew Richardson was her coach. 

Under coach Torben Beltz, Raducanu won consecutive matches for the first time in 2022 which paved the way to reach the quarterfinals of WTA event in Stuttgart, Germany where she was ranked career high World No.11.

Despite reaching an epic rank, Emma fired Beltz and is now again in quest of hiring a new coach for her mentorship.

What did the former tennis players say about this situation?

Former British Tennis player Barry Cowan said, “They are the years where you need a consistent voice, generally off the court but also on the court. Emma at the moment is not going to have that as she’s looking for a new coach”.

Who is likely to be the future coach for Emma?

It is still unclear who is going to be the next coach for Raducanu as rumors are spreading that Italian coach Ricardo Piatti is on top of the list. 


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