“a leader doesn’t need to score” Paul Pogba explains honest views on leadership

Paul Pogba, the French midfield maestro, prefers to live a meaningful life and he also loves to spread this intention amongst the younger generations.

In an epic interview with popular YouTube channel – UNINTERRUPTED, Paul Pogba talked on a lot of matters that influenced his life since childhood.

Pogba began the conversation by saying, “Everyone wants to feel loved”. Then he explained that with his own point of views. Paul also added, the soul needs to be appreciated at the adult stages of life as well instead of being praised only in the childhood.

Paul pointed out that the philosophy of a great leader must be focused on bringing out the potential of the group members rather than scoring. He also mentioned that the teammates must be appreciated by the leaders on and off the field from which he directly meant the environment of his current club Manchester United. 

Pogba again noted, a leader must urge others to make things happen. He also added, a result-oriented conviction must be diverted to motivational aspect because a team member can provide the true potential if he is not forced to show results only.     

Paul Pogba highly praised football as he quoted, “Football gave me this opportunity to become what he is today.” Later he described all the cherish and support he received since turning in to be a professional football player.

Apart from soccer, Pogba also shared how his life changed after converting to Islam. He specifically mentioned the American boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, with whom he feels great connection with and labeled Ali as one of the most influencing person in his life.

Converting to Islam was a life reshaping thing for Paul as he expressed the surroundings and perceptions have been easier since following the Muslim norms and culture.


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