Is Jackson Mahomes gay? exploring sexuality of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ brother

Most Patrick Mahomes fans are probably well acquainted with his younger brother Jackson Mahomes. The quarterback’s adored brother gained popularity on social media platforms where he mainly makes content over NFL games when his brother plays. And during the 2023 Super Bowl, his immense support for his big bro generated huge appreciation from his fans.

However, Jackson has faced many controversies over the years and today we are going to explore some facts concerning his sexuality.

Is Jackson Mahomes gay?

Because of his girly appearance and gestures and also because of his voice that has a girlish tone, people thought him to be gay, or transgender and raised questions over his sexuality. Moreover, when these rumors were surfacing on the internet, Patrick’s brother opened up about the issue calling it very disrespectful of people to make such a comment about him.

Jackson Mahomes quietly returns to social media after being accused of  forcibly kissing restaurant owner | Fox News

Besides, he also clarified the rumors stating all the buzz as merely ‘just rumors’ with no solid foundation behind them and clarifying that he isn’t gay.

Is Jackson Mahomes dating someone? or secretly married?

Younger Mahomes is an active face on social media but when it comes to his love life, he is as silent as they come. Perhaps, Jackson isn’t married but he may have a beautiful girlfriend who supports him in his weal and woe. It’s understandable that he may have chosen to keep her hidden from the eyes of the public.

Why Jackson Mahomes is in the middle of sexual harassment investigation?

Jackson had his share of tough times this year when he was accused of sexual harassment after video footage went viral where he was spotted forcibly kissing a woman. As a consequence, he was arrested and later received bail.

However, an investigation over the issue is still going on to find out the real picture of the incident concerning what might have instigated Jackson to make such a move.

Well, whatever the case is concerning Jackson’s private matter, his exceptional bond with his elder brother Patrick is hard to overlook. Besides, the younger brother is the NFL star’s constant companion who supports him through thick and thin.

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