Is John Cena polyglot? Revealing “Cenation” leader’s fluency in foreign languages

John Cena is arguably one of the most decorated superstars in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. The Cenation Leader is currently a 16-time World Champion. The last time he made his surprise return at Money in the Bank 2023 where he delivered his signature Attitude Adjustment to Grayson Waller.

Parallel to having an impressive WWE carrier, Cena is also a popular Hollywood actor. However, his most impressive out-of-the-ring talent is his ability to speak multiple languages fluently.

John Cena possesses surreal fluency in Chinese, Mandarin

The Cenation Leader has already proved himself as one of the pioneers of the wrestling industry. His character becomes one of the major reasons why many fans started watching WWE. He made a great contribution to the industry. However, Cena is also fluent in various languages.

Apart from English, The 16x World Champion is fluent in Chinese and Mandarin as well. The former WWE Champion had learned these languages alongside his WWE carrier and Hollywood commitment.

Watching Cena having that much fluency in Chinese made fans confused that how Cena is able to be that much fluent. Whatever the reason may be, this helped him increase his audience, that’s for sure.

Cena secured college degree in exercise physiology

The Cenation Leader got graduated from Springfield College, Massachusetts with graduation degrees in exercise physiology and human anatomy. The 16x World Champion revealed that he actually got accepted by 58 colleges out of the 60 he applied in.

However, in the end, John Cena chooses Springfield College to pursue his graduation degree. Ahead of his education qualification, Cena had already made his name worldwide famous.

John Cena

Taking about his upcoming future return to the company, fans had speculated him to be at SummerSlam 2023. We are currently on the road to SummerSlam 2023, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a chance for Cena to appear. However, the next possible destination for his in-ring match could be WrestleMania 40 which is also known as The Grandest Stage of them all. His possible opponent may include Grayson Waller as he got involved with him at MITB 2023.


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