WWE legend John Cena’s call for WrestleMania in London sparks a response from UK Parliament member

At Money in the Bank 2023, John Cena made his surprise appearance and addressed the crowd of the UK for a future WrestleMania in London. The Cenation leader got a huge pop & standing ovation from the crowd but was interrupted by Grayson Waller. 

Cena after getting attacked by Waller quickly made a comeback and connected with AA. The surprise return of Cena on the show was like a bumper gift for the crowd of the UK, London.

Cena’s call for WrestleMania in London sparks response

John Cena mainly appeared on the show to generate massive heat among the crowd for a potential future Wrestlemania show in London. The crowd was already energetic with the surprise comeback of Cena. The Cenation leader was considered one of the biggest Mega stars of the company. Even during the segment, Cena got surprised by the massive loud reaction from the crowd itself.

When Grayson Waller argued with Cena regarding having the Grandest Stage of them All in Australia rather than London, UK he received massive boos from the crowd itself. Recently, Alex Davies-Jones, currently serving as the Member of Parliament for Pontypridd, took to Twitter and backed Cena for his call. 

She also encouraged Triple H to finally have the Grandest Stage of them all in London, UK.

When did John Cena join WrestleMania?

The Cenation Leader had been part of multiple WrestleMania shows since his WWE debut. Cena shared some historical and memorable moments on the biggest show of the year. Cena also won multiple championships and big matches on different occasions including WrestleMania.

John Cena’s first WrestleMania match was at WrestleMania 2004, where he faced Big Show in a United States Championship match. The 16x World Champion also competed at WrestleMania 39, where he faced Austin Theory in a United State Championship match. Unfortunately, the match ended up with the loss of John Cena as Theory retained his Champion.

John Cena

Cena is also already rumored to have a match in next year’s WrestleMania. Cena also competed in WrestleMania during the Pandemic situation where he faced Bray Wyatt in a Firefly funhouse match. It seems like the dedication of Cena is very high towards the ‘Grandest Stage of All Time’ and he will probably continue his participation on the show in the future.


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