“It started with a dream, turned it into a goal”: Giants’ LB Kayvon Thibodeaux surprises his mom with new house

LB Giants Kayvon Thibodeaux recently surprised his mother with a new house, demonstrating him as not only a talented athlete but also an excellent son, managing both on- and off-field matters with intelligence and care.

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The New York Giants offered Thibodeaux a $31,339,040, four-year rookie deal in 2022. The deal included a $19,972,028 signing bonus and was fully guaranteed. The 22-year-old racked up four sacks, two forced fumbles, six tackles for loss, and 13 quarterback hits throughout his 14 games with the Giants last season.

Kayvon Thibodeaux made his mother cry through a surprise house

Whatever your profession, you will always need a loving family to support you through all of life’s ups and downs. Kayvon had a similarly bright family. The linebacker did not forget the contribution of his family, especially the contribution of his mother, even though he now has a successful career. Recently, the LB bought a home as a surprise for his mother Shawnta Loice.

The Giants’ star showed his mother his deep love and gratitude by posting a video of his new house on Twitter.

“It started with a dream, turned it into a goal. Love you mom, you deserve the world!💙”

By demonstrating the utmost respect and love for his mother, KT establishes himself as an idol for all the players. He unquestionably won the hearts of millions of followers once more in my opinion because he never let his personal life take a backseat to his career.

“I can’t really explain it. You do all this and you work so hard. You put everything on the line everyday just so your family can be happy,” Thibodeaux said.

All the players are not born holding golden spoons in their mouths, the 22-year-old explained by sharing some of the ups and downs, sweet and bitter memories during his lifetime. Kayvon said that in his high school time, his family had to live with another family. Now, after great hard work, he finally achieved what he once dreamed of.

“When I was in high school, I had to live with another family,” the athlete explained.

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He recalled his five years in college when there wasn’t even a place for the entire family to gather for Christmas and other holidays.

 “After that, I went to college. So for five years of my life I never had dinner with my mom. We never sat at a table with my family. We never had a place for all the family to get together for Christmas and all the holidays when the time came. Now, just being able to provide that, it’s a blessing.”

However, Loice is also extremely pleased with his son’s accomplishment and stated with teary eyes that her greatest blessing was witnessing her son succeed.

“To be able to see him living out his dreams like he really just bought his mom a house. That’s crazy,” she said.


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