NFL QB Dwayne Haskins’ family files lawsuit over mysterious death citing drugging and robbery

The Pittsburgh Steelers‘ young quarterback Dwayne Haskins was struck by a garbage truck on April 9, 2022, while attempting to cross multiple lanes of traffic on foot after the New Jersey native ran out of gas along I-595 at night, just weeks before his 25th birthday.

Kalabrya Haskins, the wife of deceased QB listed as the plaintiff and personal representative of Haskins’ estate, is seeking a jury trial of this unspecified damage to his husband.

Was the Steelers’ quarterback Dwayne Haskins purposely killed?

Haskins’ wife Kalabrya Haskins recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Haskins family against some people, businesses, and the state of Florida to uncover “the complete truth” in Fort Lauderdale claiming he was drugged and robbed by a man and three women in the hours before his fatal accident.

On April 9, Hawkins’ wife called 911 saying the young QB called her to say he was going to get out of his rental car to get gas and would contact her after finishing the work, albeit Kalabrya couldn’t hear back from his husband after that and requested dispatch to check on him.

Dwayne Haskins

The lawsuit marked a Boca Raton hotel as the possible crime place, and listed four persons, two restaurants, a golf driving range, and a hotel as defendants citing“Dwayne was targeted and drugged as part of a blackmail and robbery conspiracy. In fact, his highly-expensive watch was stolen from him shortly before his death”.

The driver of the old dump truck was also listed as he was driving carelessly and he could easily avoid striking Dwayne as he was only one foot away from reaching the safe spot.

“The Florida Highway Patrol Traffic Homicide Report shows that Dwayne was only feet away from making it safely across the roadway when he was struck and killed by an old dump truck… Many questions remain as to why the truck driver did not avoid hitting Dwayne given the highly visible activity in the area before the impact and the fact that the other drivers did not hit Dwayne, “ attorney Rick Ellsley stated.

The attorney also claimed the truck driver didn’t provide his blood sample and alcohol test results, proving his involvement with the incident.

“The truck driver’s cell phone records have not yet been disclosed. The [Florida Highway Patrol Traffic Homicide Report] also notes that the driver refused to provide a blood sample to the police at the scene and still has not provided the alcohol test results” Rick added.

Haskins also tested positive for Ketamine and Norketamine drugs according to the toxicology report.

Dwayne Haskins

The statement marked speed driving, excessive cargo, and issues with the vehicle as contributing factors in Haskins’ death. No charges have been filed and The Associated Press did not reveal the identity of alleged persons and businesses as no criminal charges had been filed against them.

The sudden and mysterious death of the 24-year-old star has shocked the NFL community and his fans. The lawsuit filed by his family seeks to uncover the truth behind the tragic event and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. The family’s pursuit of justice and the search for answers in the mysterious death case has brought the spotlight back on Steelers QB, raising further intrigue and curiosity about the events surrounding the incident.

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