Italian star Lorenzo Musetti hails Carlos Alcaraz as King Midas of Tennis following Roger Federer praise

Tennis players frequently express appreciation and praise for one another, as evidenced most recently by Italian standout Lorenzo Musetti’s compliment to teammate Carlos Alcaraz. Alcaraz has been referred to as the “King Midas of Tennis” by Musetti, who is also renowned for his stunning and creative performance.

Their relationship is made a little more intriguing by the allusion to the fabled hero who transformed everything he touched into gold. What tempted the Italian to make such a comparison? Let’s find out!

Musetti hails Carlos Alcaraz as tennis’s new star

Following a recent stint on the European clay courts, Lorenzo Musetti is prepared for the US hard court season. The Italian player was unable to defend his crown in Hamburg, but he still intends to aim higher. In an open interview, he stated that winning a Grand Slam and rising to the top of the tennis rankings were his ultimate goals.

Musetti is aware of the difficulties that lie ahead, particularly when facing tough competitors like Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, who are now dominating the men’s circuit. He is motivated by Alcaraz’s extraordinary achievement and views him as a role model to succeed despite the fierce competition.

According to Lorenzo: “Today Carlos Alcaraz is the point of reference, the player to beat. He is the King Midas of tennis: what Carlos Alcaraz touches becomes gold. He is both a friend and a source of inspiration, beating him is a source of pride but also a motivation in more to do it again. Carlos Alcaraz is only 20, but a maturity reminiscent of Novak Djokovic, he showed at Wimbledon. ”

Carlos Alcaraz

Musetti looks steadfast in his resolve to uphold his preferred playing approach, even if it means spending a longer time on the court. He seems to have faith in his own ability to succeed as well as appears to gain motivation from the dreams that drive him.


Musetti showers praise on Federer


Lorenzo Musetti recently opened out in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa about a variety of subjects, including his deep admiration for Roger Federer, which he has also stressed on numerous occasions in the past. Musetti stated that he would never want to alter his playing style, even if it requires him to spend more time on the court than other players.

He gets the most fulfillment in remaining true to himself and pursuing the goals he considers important. He also lamented the loss of the chance to play Federer in his ideal match.

Despite not competing against Federer in a proper back-and-forth match, Musetti got the honor of working out with the legendary Swiss player. The young Italian’s regard and affection for Federer is evidence of the influence the tennis legend still has on the game and its up-and-coming players.


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