Iyo Sky throws Bayley under the bus on SmackDown, exploring two possible ways how WWE can disintegrate Damage CTRL

Iyo Sky assisted The Role Model in accepting a challenge from a former adversary with an additional requirement, adding to the division in the Damage CTRL. Following tonight’s SmackDown bout, Bayley and her place in the WWE Women’s MITB (Money in the Bank) Ladder Match have been placed under much caution.

According to the most recent sources, a superstar will forfeit their position in next week’s WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Does this imply that Shotzi will defeat Bayley?

Shotzi challenges Bayley for the Women’s MITB match spot, and Damage CTRL Iyo Sky accepts on her behalf

In the most recent SmackDown iteration, Bayley diverted the referee just as SKY had Zelina Vega pinned. The two co-stars got into a fight over it, which gave Vega the opportunity to win. The two Damage CTRL members were seen bickering backstage post the bout. Iyo accepted Shotzi’s challenge on behalf of The Role Model, putting the latter’s spot in the Money in the Bank on the line, in a total tit-for-tat maneuver.

Plans would have utilized the open sixth spot rather than displacing an existing player if Shotzi were to be considered for the briefcase. The conflict between Iyo Sky and The Role Model is anticipated to take center stage in the confrontation between the two celebrities. During the SmackDown episode airing on June 9, The Role Model helped Iyo Sky in her WWE Money in the Bank Qualification Match against Shotzi.

Next week on the Friday Night show, The Genius of the Sky and a member of the Damage CTRL will probably repay the favor, albeit reluctantly. When they both reach the top of the ladder in July, WWE may choose to focus more on the conflict between the two because only one will be able to take the valuable briefcase home.

Bayley loses to Shotzi in turn costing Iyo at MITB

Six competitors—Iyo Sky, Becky Lynch, Zelina Vega, Zoey Stark, Bayley, and The One to Be Announced—will face off in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the prized briefcase. Iyo Sky is now the favorite to win the ladder match, yet anyone could win. According to a recent report, on July 1, the Genius of the Sky might take home the Money in the Bank bag.

If that is the case, a massive betrayal may be in store because it appears likely that Bayley will assault the former Women’s Tag Team Champion after her victory. The Stamford-based business has been hinting about the breakup of Damage CTRL for a while now. Even though nothing has yet happened, Money in the Bank hopes that this will change soon.

Damage CTRL

Iyo may win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match by defeating five other women, only for Bayley to turn against her afterward. Fans would become sympathetic to the Genius of the Sky as a result of Bayley’s betrayal, making her a babyface. Also, this could serve as the starting point for a conflict between The Role Model and the 16-year veteran.

Iyo Sky has recently had a great run on the main roster. Due to her likable demeanor and a few intense performances, the 16-year veteran has gained a following. The Genius of the Sky receives a tonne of support from WWE fans despite being a heel. Sky’s career would soar to new heights and beyond The Damage CTRL clutches if she wins the briefcase.

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