Ja Morant’s actual identity as “Black Jesus” sparked the interest of a restaurant waitress

Though, Ja Morant is one of the NBA’s up-and-coming stars, he sometimes goes unnoticed in public. That was the situation when the Memphis Grizzlies player gave an unfamiliar waitress a sizable tip. When she realized who he was, she was too stunned to continue talking.

While having lunch, Morant was on a FaceTime call with his daughter. The waitress had just received a $500 tip from him, and she looked at him, confused about what had happened and who the generous tipper was. She was questioned about whether she believed she had correctly identified the number.

“Yeah. Who are you, though?” she asked. Morant responded by claiming to be “Black Jesus,” but this was insufficient for her. The waitress inquired about his education, but he said that he was not from the area but rather from South Carolina.

She still didn’t know who he was at this point in the conversation, but she started to assume that he was definitely a sportsman. She enquired about Morant’s ambitions for the NBA after learning that he was a basketball player. “I’m already in the NBA,” Morant replied.

When she asked again about the franchise Black Jesus played for, he said ” The Grizzlies”. She recognized the team because of a specific player. “That’s that team the ball player Jaria…” She stopped, forgetting his name. 

Morant’s lunch companions informed the attendant that the player whose name she was attempting to recall was seated directly in front of her. After a little pause, she started screaming out of joy. “You that boy?” She inquired while demonstrating his previous hairstyle with her hands.. “What’s your name?” She covered her mouth and bolted for the restaurant’s rear when he responded with his entire name.

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