“Jidion let crypto scammer press him way too easy”: Logan Paul’s controversial ejection of Jidion at UFC 287 sparks outrage among fans

Various celebrities and sports athletes from different fields were present at the UFC 287 PPV that took place yesterday at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida. During this PPV, Rumble streamer Jidion and WWE superstar Logan Paul created a lot of buzz on social media after the two influencers engaged in a verbal altercation.

As Jidion was live streaming his POV at the UFC 287 PPV, Logan Paul who was sitting beside him noticed this and called him out. The Maverick requested Jidion to switch sits as he didn’t want to be on camera throughout the event. After a short conversation, Jidion switched his seats with another influencer. 

Before this incident, Logan and his girlfriend acknowledge the Rumble streamer by saying that they watch his videos. However, things became awkward after Jidion revealed that he is live on Rumble. It is needless to say that Jidion was unhappy with switching his seats.

Soon after this verbal altercation between the two influencers got viral on the internet, fans on Twitter went into frenzy and shared their opinions. Many fans called out Logan and also criticized Jidion for giving in very easily. Here are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.


Despite facing some harsh reactions on Twitter, there were many fans who jumped in and defended Logan Paul as they believe that the YouTuber handled the situation very maturely without causing trouble for anyone.

Jidion clarifies that there is no beef with Logan Paul

After the altercation between Jidion and Logan Paul at UFC 287 was blown out of proportion, the Rumble streamer shared his thoughts on Twitter. Jidion clarified that there is no bad blood between the two influencers. He also sarcastically tweeted that he should challenge Logan in a boxing bout for the chair. 

Speaking about boxing, both Jidion and Logan Paul are expected to get inside the ring this year. The Maverick recently revealed that a fight against Nate Diaz could not be scheduled after the latter backed out. Meanwhile, Jidion is working out and has posted several videos of his training sessions. 



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