John Cena injury update: reviewing the latest clinical note of 16-time world champion

Fans were really disappointed when John Cena lost to Solo Sikoa at the recent Crown Jewel, making it over 2000 days for Cena without a win. However, it’s possible that Cena sustained an injury while competing in that bout, as he recently shared some encouraging health updates with his followers.

Cena’s current WWE career seems to have concluded since the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, a fact he confirmed on social media. While fans were aware of his injury at Crown Jewel, they weren’t informed that surgery was needed. The Cenation Leader has now revealed that he underwent surgery on one arm and plans to undergo surgery on the other arm shortly.

John Cena injury update

Cena’s match against Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel marked another defeat in his ongoing losing streak that began in 2018. Despite his Hollywood career being on hold, Cena prioritized his feud with The Bloodline. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Solo Sikoa, who executed more than 10 Samoan Spikes during the bout.

Cena’s arms were injured throughout, as revealed afterward. Today, he shared wonderful news on Twitter, expressing gratitude to the Alabama physician who performed the operation. Cena mentioned that his arm is “fixed, clean, and headed for therapy,” possibly alluding to an upcoming surgical procedure, as another one is planned.

John Cena

We don’t know what’s wrong with Cena’s arms yet, but it looks like he’ll also need help with the other one. Cena has high expectations that he will get well soon, particularly now that the SAG-AFTRA strike has ended and he will be able to resume his job in Hollywood.

He tweeted, “Thank you @JeffDugasMD and your entire team in Birmingham! One arm fixed, clean & headed for therapy … one arm left to go! Thank you again and see you ASAP for the next one!!”

John Cena injury history

John Cena has won 16 world championships despite having had several surgical procedures. He underwent neck surgery a long time ago. While he carried WWE on his shoulders, the toll of high-profile bouts resulted in several injuries, some almost career-ending. Cena faced defeat by Alberto Del Rio for the U.S. title in 2015. Following an unsuccessful comeback attempt in 2016, he underwent shoulder surgery.

At that time, Cena had already secured the world title 15 times. In 2008, he remarkably recovered swiftly from a torn pectoral muscle but encountered a herniated disc in his neck during a bout with Batista. Subsequently, Cena chose to undergo fusion surgery with Dr. Joseph Maroon instead of opting to wait for natural healing.

John Cena
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