John Wall agrees to take $6.5 million dollars less to become NBA free agent

The Houston Rockets and John Wall reached a buyout agreement on Monday, paving the way for the point guard to leave his team and sign with another franchise. Both entities have officially negotiated an agreement, shaving $6.5 million off of Wall’s $47.4 million salary. The Los Angeles Clippers are expected to sign Wall once free agency begins on Thursday. 

If he joins the Los Angeles Clippers he will be playing alongside Kawhi Leonard and Paul George which is one of the most loaded lineups in the NBA. The Clippers have a variety of wing players as they attempt to capture the first title in the organization’s history. A playmaking point guard was one position they were somewhat lacking, which they will fill if the 31-year-old joins.

John Wall

The taxpayer mid-level exception, estimated to be worth around $6.5 million to Wall, can be paid by the Clippers. His predicted minimum pay is close to $3 million might be appropriate.

Wall might start at point guard in the Clippers squad. After missing the entire previous season, the 31-year-old is in good shape. In his last season, he performed admirably, but that was merely relative to rock-bottom expectations. Wall’s career has been ruined by injuries. He’s not even close to being the Wizards’ star he once was.

John Wall

Simply put, the Clippers’ point guard position lacks a lot of depth. Reggie Jackson and John Wall will reportedly battle for playing time. In 2015, Wall publicly lamented getting paid the same as Jackson since his maximum earnings had become obsolete as a result of new national TV deals that dramatically increased the salary cap.

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