“Just in time for the playoffs” NFL fans pissed on Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson’s awful activities (video)

Patrick Mahomes has been a sensation in the NFL ever since he arrived in the league. The quarterback has helped the Chiefs to reach the Divisional Round- in every game, he has contributed massively and brought victories with crucial touchdowns.

Speaking of touchdowns, Patrick has scored forty-one of them throughout the season. Fans are pretty impressed by his efforts on the field. However, the same cannot be said about his younger brother Jackson Mahomes.

Jackson Mahomes is the opposite of his quarterback brother. While Patrick impresses everyone with his gameplay on the field, his baby brother makes videos that seem to irritate football fans. On the other hand, Jackson is getting some sort of fame as Patrick’s younger brother.

Recently, the younger brother of  Patrick Mahomes appears in a video that pisses off the fans just before the Divisional Round. 

How did the younger brother of Patrick Mahomes piss the NFL fans?

In the TickTok video, Jackson can be seen dancing at first only to ask for a new girlfriend afterward. He then addresses Instagram model Alix Earle and says that he loves the model. 


Fans after his video bashed him in the comment section.

A person commented, “Just in time for the playoffs”

“Protect Alix at all costs” another person added.

Implying he is gay a person went on to say, “He means boyfriend right?😅”

Another person added, “Did he say, girlfriend? Is that what the kids are calling boyfriends these days?”

An NFL fan wrote, “But Patrick, you said we had to stay quiet this season not the playoffs”

The videos of Jackson Mahomes do not have to do anything with the NFL. Yet many fans of Patrick do not seem to like them as his baby brother gained most of his fame because of his older brother and so, they assume he is bringing “shame to the Mahomes family”

How do you feel about Jackson’s videos? Let us know in the comment section.


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12 thoughts on ““Just in time for the playoffs” NFL fans pissed on Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson’s awful activities (video)”

  1. It’s a free country,kids will b kids! Gota have some fun,too many people get to serious b4 playoffs! Video is just a way to relax,let off some tension! Hope he gets a girlfriend! R E L A X!

  2. I could not give a care what Jackson Mahomes does. I just want the Chiefs to win. Since Jackson doesn’t wear a Chiefs jersey, do what you do.

  3. It seem to me that no matter what this boy do someone always have to comment on what he is doing but why don’t you guys let the boy be. Rather he like boys or girl is his life let him live it. when I see this video! I only see a teenager that wants to play around and be funny. what is the big deal if any other person did the same video no one would have a problem.

  4. Who cares how someone gains fame? How many family members gain fame in Hollywood? What we really should ask us why do so many people bring hatred, negativity, and toxicity to the world. In a time when we need fun and peace in our lives, the negative consortium group is pathetically gaining popularity.

  5. This is disgusting, not him but YOU. You are trying to promote meanness and hate. The kid has Bern quiet this year, but you still want yo go after him.

  6. Jackson is an idiot with nothing else to do but act silly! He acts out to get attention. His brother is famous so he has to do something to try to be famous. Acting out is the only talent he has. So 😔 😟 🙁 😥 sad!

  7. I’m. A Patrick Mahomet fan he’s a young quarterback still beginning his NFL career. I’m sure this quarterback has a lot on his plate with his. New wife and two young kids, I’m sure Mr. Mahomes worked very hard to get himself through college, not to mention all the many hours he has had to practice and. Learn the game of football the world well knows by now what a great quarterback Mr. Mahomes is. Personally I don’t think it’s very fair of his younger. Idiot brother to try weasel in on fame and fortune using his older brother, I would be willing to bet that he allready is a freeloader as it is to try and capitalize off his older brother. I f he. Wants to be famous he should go out and work as hard as his older brother. Without sponging off of his brother and family he is nothing but a freeloader. And a major distraction for his child like actions. At NFL games acting like an idiot. Jackson Mahomet go seek your own fame and fortune without being a lazy leach to your brother and family ind quit making the ignorant videos. You deserve to be passed on from every NFL. Fan. You are an embarrassment to your older brother and the Kansas. City chiefs. Organization. Jackson. Mahomet you are a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, Jackson has USED his older brother to “steal” fame and perhaps glory simply because he’s related to his brother, Patrick. I’ve both watched Patrick Mahomes play in amazing method while remaining cool in (or outside) of the offensive line. Whenever a team-mate is injured or the opposing team wins the game, Patrick remains classy & congratulates the opposing quarterback.


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