NFL Super Bowl 2023: Divisional round matchup analysis

The NFL Super Bowl 2023 will be one heck of a match, with top contenders fighting their way into the Divisional round and now looking further to go into the NFL Conference Championship. Eight teams will compete in the Divisional Round, where the Eagles and the Chiefs were placed directly with their superb form in the regular season – both teams won fourteen and lost three matches.

With the Divisional Round taking place next week, the two teams will have their matchup against the Giants and the Jaguars. Earlier last week, with the guidance of Best Ohio sportsbook promos, we made two predictions that the Jaguars would defeat the Chargers in a tight game while the 49ers would destroy the Seahawks; both came true! The quarterback of both teams- Purdy and Lawrence brought those crucial victories for their teams and led them to the next round. 

As the Chiefs take on the Jaguars and the Eagles, take on the Giants on coming Saturday, here is our Divisional round matchup analysis.

What will happen in the match, Chiefs vs. Jaguars?

The Chiefs, throughout the preseason, have performed incredibly. However, the playoffs are a different story altogether. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, was recognized as one of the top strengths of the team. Throughout the season, the quarterback did prove himself by scoring touchdowns at crucial stages and getting his team over the line. Before coming into the playoffs, the Chiefs were on a five-match winning streak thanks to some serious efforts from Mahomes and crew. Mahomes alone scored eleven touchdowns in those five games. 

On the other hand, Trevor Lawrence could not score freely before the game against the Chargers, where he scored four touchdowns to get his side over the line. We are backing the Jaguars again, even though they lost their previous encounter against the Chiefs. The Jaguars in the Wild Card match gave it their all and will be eyeing a place in the Conference Championship. 

However, with the prime form the Chiefs are in, no one will be surprised if they go on to win. Yet the Jaguars winning the Wild Card game are confident and will carry their good form in the Divisional Round. 

Chiefs vs. Jaguars.
Chiefs vs. Jaguars.

Who will win in the match, Eagles vs. Giants?

The Eagles have embarrassed the Giants twice in the tournament until now, and it will be no different in the Divisional Round. The Eagles emerged victorious in the first game against the Giants with a colossal margin of twenty-six points, while they won the second game with just a six-point lead. 

Although the Giants have won their Wild Card game against the Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles are overall a better and balanced team with all their boxes covered. With that being said, the Giants will give it their all to go into the Conference Championship.

Eagles vs. Giants.
Eagles vs. Giants.

Do you agree with us? If so, who do you think deserves to win the NFL Super Bowl 2023? Let us know in the comments. 

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