“That sounds very ridiculous” Francis Ngannou responds to Dana White’s comments following UFC exit

Earlier this week, Francis Ngannou was released from the UFC due to his disparities in signing a new contract, which ran out of date last December.

It was stated that the Camoronian was not interested in extending his contract due to his fear of fighting against former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

After this type of negativity spread all around, Ngannou posted a video on his YouTube account saying that he had been waiting for this fight to happen for quite a long time and that now calling him the scared one sounded ridiculous to him.

“They have also said that I’m scared of fighting Jon Jones or somebody else, which I don’t know where they came from with that one. That sounds very ridiculous, in my opinion, with all due respect. Because I’ve been calling for this fight for over two years. I’ve been waiting for this fight forever.”

The predator revealed that there is a lack of freedom in the UFC if you sign with them, and as he demanded freedom from them, the deal broke off, so there is no chance of getting feared by any fighter.

“And I’ve been fighting guys even with one knee, with injury. And now, why do I be scared of them? While I feel even more confident? No, I’m not scared. The only thing that I’m scared of is to be trapped. Is not to lose my freedom, which I value very much.” 

“You guys know how the UFC contract can be: restrictive. As an independent contractor, you don’t really have a say in that contract. You don’t even have a right, so, I can’t do that.”

However, after parting ways, Ngannou vacated the UFC heavyweight title, and on March 4th, 2023, Jon Jones will square off against the former interim champ Ciryl Gane in the main event of UFC 285 for the title.


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