Kliff Kingsbury’s girlfriend Veronika Bielik offers bikini-clad photos, videos after ex-Cardinals’ coach sacked earlier this month

The Cardinals this season had one of their worst times on the field. They were seeded at the bottom of the NFC West table, with only four games going down as victories and thirteen losses. Most fans could not believe it and blamed the coach for the team’s poor performance.

Afterward, the Cardinals fired the coach earlier this month. Kliff Kingsbury did not hang around and made a “one-way” trip to Thailand as he needed a break.

Rightfully so, after a tough season and getting fired simultaneously, anyone would be frustrated and look for an exotic place to have a “chill” time. Kliff Kingsbury is surely having the time of his life in Thailand with his rumored girlfriend, Veronika Bielik.

Veronika, the fashion model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer has been uploading jaw-dropping pictures of herself enjoying her time in Thailand.

Although coach Kingsbury is not in any of the frames, spectators believe he is the person behind the camera clicking those amazing shots.


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There was some confusion regarding Kliff as it was unclear whether he was in Thailand. However, Peter Schrager cleared that part with his Fox Sports: NFL tweet.

What did Peter Schrager about Kliff Kingsbury?

While talking about coaches in the tweeted video, Peter goes on to speak about Kliff; Schrager says, 

“Kingsbury bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and has told interested teams that he is not interested in returning at the moment.”

He further added, “He’s being paid five years guaranteed by the Arizona Cardinals. That check hits every two weeks. He’s going to take his time before he figures out if he wants to come back to Football.”

With such facilities, no one will want to come to Football, except maybe Tom Brady. However, that is another story. From the looks of things, Kingsbury is having the time of his life with his girlfriend. We wish them the best and hope they have a safe journey.

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