Young Jimmy Butler fan who flew 4,405 miles receives ultimate present as his idol power Miami to victory vs Magic

Jimmy Butler was the “star of the show” on Friday as Miami Heat thrashed the Orlando Magic with a 110-105 victory. Butler in the game was a fan favorite, scoring twenty-nine points with six rebounds and six assists in his thirty-three minutes in the playing arena. Moreover, he was the favorite of one particular fan who flew all the way from Argentina- a 4,405 miles trip!

The fan also was present in the match against the Celtics in an attempt to see his favorite athlete- Jimmy Butler. However, Butler did not participate in that match due to lower back pain and tightness. Although the young fan enjoyed the game- the Heat nailing the Celtics- he was slightly disappointed with Jimmy’s absence. 

It turned out that Butler was watching the match and saw his fan getting disappointed not being able to meet him. So, Jimmy made up to the kid by calling him to the arena to give him autographed gifts and spend quality time. 

If these gifts were not enough, the young fan was again in for another surprise in the Magic game.

What did Jimmy Butler do to surprise his fan?

The Argentinian youngster once again came to see his Jimmy play, and this time, he was successful. Not only that but after the Heat won against the Magic, Butler high-fived and hugged the fan before taking him to the courtside to celebrate with the entire Miami team!

Jimmy really knows how to treat his fans besides playing outstanding basketball in the arena. With his approach toward the long-distant fan, he received much love from other Heat supporters. 

That being said, the Heat have won three matches on the trot.  These three games helped them move the ladder and take the sixth position in the Eastern Conference. It seems like the young fan brought some luck with him allowing the Heat to come to their usual form.


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