Kobe Bryant death anniversary: How are his loved ones dealing with his sudden demise after three years?

Kobe Bryant’s death anniversary- three years today, Kobe passed away with his daughter Gianna Bryant due to an unexpected accident- a helicopter crash. People from across the globe were shocked and mourned his death. Even today, three years after his death, his loved ones remember him and keep his good memories in their hearts. 

Kobe once, in his interview, said that he does not have any real friends, while in another one, he mentioned four names Caron Butler, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, and Ronnie Turiaf. Let’s take a look at how Kobe’s family and friends are coping with his death after three years- on the Kobe Bryant death anniversary.

Kobe Bryant death anniversary: How are family and friends coping with his death?

Caron Butler spoke to reporters last year about his friend Kobe who advised the Butler always to tell the “truth” and be “brave” in the process, whether people accept it or deny it. 

On the other hand, Gasol and Fisher miss their friend very much. Last year, Pau wrote in one of his tribute posts about Bryant that he misses the legend and Kobe’s spirit continues “shine” in his life “and many others.” While Fisher feels sorry for his family that they have lost a character like Bryant, he believes that Kobe and his daughters’ legacy continues even after they depart from the physical realm. 

Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant after the tragic accident of Kobe and their daughter Gianna sued Los Angeles County, as the sheriff shared personal photos of the late all-star. Vanessa received $16 million last year and promised to donate the money to the Mamba and Mambacitya Foundation. It has been a tough journey for the widow however, she continues to run the family well keeping the memories of Kobe alive.

Although Kobe did not have many friends, Stephen A. Smith was one of those people Kobe had mixed feelings about. On one hand, Kobe did not like him because he criticized his gameplay. On the other hand, he also said to Smith, “I have no idea why I love your ass, I really don’t.” Smith in one of his recent on-air appearances shared his memory of Bryant. 

Kobe Bryant was a great player with a big heart. He always tried his best to entertain people. Most importantly he was a great human being. We pray his soul rests in peace. Amen.


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