Watch: Shakira vs Gerard Pique’s mom altercation video spreads like wildfire on social media

Gerard Pique and Shakira’s break-up saga continued to fuel after Pique’s mother gestured towards Shakira in a manner that seemed very unlikely and sparked social media in a flash.

Gerard Pique ended up a relationship with Colombian pop singer Shakira in September after the Waka Waka singer found out that Pique was cheating on her when she was with her mom due to her critical health condition.

The Pop singer has sacrificed his career to stay with the retired Barcelona defender and the two lived in a house close to Barcelona while Montserrat Bernabeu, mother of Pique was their window-side neighbor.

After the couple broke up, the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter seemed to have died down after the two previously shared good memories with each other.

However, there has been an event that happened recently saw the mother and daughter were engaged in a heated conversation that didn’t go down well as Montserrat grabbed the cheek of Shakira and then shut her up pointing a finger to her mouth.

The particular incident left the world in shock and the video footage of the two fuming at each other went viral at once. The 59-year-old Montserrat who was a former defender of the Barcelona Women’s team was criticized largely.

The mother of Pique believed Shakira is spreading witchery in her house after the Colombian placed a witched doll in front of Montserrat Bernabeu’s house and the mother of Pique already told the ‘She Wolf’ singer to stop looking at her house.

Clara Chia Martin is Pique’s new girlfriend and the just retired Barcelona defender posted on Instagram on January 26 as the two looked happy and close to heart while smiling a satisfying smile.

Gerard Pique posted his new charm, Clara Chia Martin. Source: Instagram

The media-hyped and most talked about break-up saga of the two superstars of the different formats will surely boil for another few rounds after what Pique’s mother did and Shakira’s response to this will be a matter to monitor.


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