Lakers’ Anthony Davis shares touching moment with daughter during height of injury woes amid scathing public scrutiny

Anthony Davis has faced a great deal of criticism throughout his career due to his ongoing injury issues. Despite his struggles, he started the current season strongly, posting impressive numbers and leading the Lakers in the absence of LeBron James. Unfortunately, he suffered another setback when he injured his foot during a game against the Denver Nuggets in mid-December. 

Davis has since recounted how he reacted emotionally upon receiving news that he may miss several months of the season. He admitted that he retreated to a closet in his home to sulk. 

How was Anthony Davis reassured by his daughter?

This behavior of Davis caused concern for his six-year-old daughter. Nala whispered to her mother about her father’s state of mind. Although Nala wanted to hug her father, she was too scared to do so. But eventually, she came over and gave him a quick hug before returning to her seat. Nala then told her mother that she had an idea and left the room.

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“She whispers to my wife, ‘Mommy, what’s wrong with Daddy?’” Davis recalled.

“She wants to come hug me but she’s scared to. So my wife was like, ‘It’s OK.’

“I see her and in my head I’m like, ‘Don’t come touching me.’ But she comes over, she gives me a quick hug, leaves, she sits back down and she says, ‘Mommy, I’ll be right back. I got an idea.’”

Nala quickly left the room, and Anthony Davis began to shift out of his sullen mood and back into his role as a father. He was curious about what his daughter would do when she returned. So he stayed on the floor with his hand covering his face. Davis acknowledged that he was attempting to act at this point and found the situation to be absurd. 

“At this point I’m trying to act,” he said.

Nala reassured her father, saying “Daddy, everything’s going to be OK.” It brought comfort to Anthony Davis during a difficult time. 

Anthony Davis Wife and Kids: Who Is Marlen P? - Sportsmanor

Antony Davis current situation in NFL

The Lakers are still facing some challenges with their playoff position and the ongoing injury concerns of LeBron James. The things have improved for Davis since that low point. 

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Despite his injury problems, which are beyond his control, Davis has been subjected to unfair criticism. But he has a solid support system in place and a daughter who provides him with unwavering support. Moreover, he has been able to reduce the expected recovery time for his latest injury and has seen an improvement in his supporting cast.



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