Lakers fans bash Skip Bayless on LeBron James vs Kevin Durant NBA finals prediction saying “he’s doing this shit to make us look like a failure”

As the NBA season unfolds, sports analysts and enthusiasts continue to speculate on the potential outcomes of various matchups. Among them, Skip Bayless has drawn attention with his recent prediction concerning the fate of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. 

What did Bayless say?

Skip Bayless recently predicted the outcome of the Western Conference in the NBA as he’s giving the Los Angeles Lakers a 50% chance of winning the Western Conference. Skip’s prediction on a potential Lakers vs Suns matchup indicates his confidence in the Lakers overcoming the Timberwolves. The Lakers have an advantageous opportunity to triumph over the Wolves, as Minnesota will be without Rudy Gobert and Jaden McDaniels in Tuesday night’s game.

Skip believes that the Lakers will face off against the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals. Bayless doesn’t anticipate the Lakers defeating the Suns, featuring Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and others. However, he envisions LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the Lakers pushing the series to a decisive seventh game.

During an episode of the “Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED” program, Skip Bayless asserts that LeBron and the Lakers possess the seventh-best odds of capturing the NBA championship.

He states, “I assign a 50% probability for the Lakers to claim the Western Conference. I foresee a showdown between LA and Phoenix, culminating in the Suns securing the Western Conference Finals in a tight seven-game series.”

Skip Bayless

Should Bayless’ forecast materialize, the Lakers versus Suns showdown would generate considerable excitement. It seems that the analyst predicts the Lakers triumphing over the Minnesota Timberwolves in Tuesday night’s play-in tournament.

How are Lakers fans reacting to the prediction of Skip Bayless?

While Bayless’ insights are thought-provoking, not all Lakers fans are pleased with his predictions. Many believe that the esteemed NBA analyst is underestimating their team’s potential. Reactions on Twitter have been fervent, with fans expressing their discontent, accusing Bayless of setting up the Lakers for failure.

Regardless of the varying opinions, only time will reveal the accuracy of Bayless’ predictions and the true course of the NBA season. Surely, it’s tough to call the Lakers off when it comes to the playoffs, time and time they showed the world how quickly they could turn the tables around. It will be exciting to see how the Lakers respond to Skip’s prediction and if they could prove him wrong. 


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