Warriors’ Draymond Green slaps Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert for punching teammate Kyle Anderson

In a riveting conclusion to the 2022/23 NBA regular season, tensions flared within the Minnesota Timberwolves as teammate Rudy Gobert unexpectedly lashed out at Kyle Anderson. The incident shocked the NBA world and many stars of this universe including Draymond Green recently went on to share his thoughts regarding the matter. 

This incident highlights the intense pressure and emotions experienced by professional athletes in their pursuit of victory. But what prompted such an outburst from Gobert, and how did it impact the Timberwolves’ chances going forward?

What happened during the Timberwolves’ huddle?

During a critical timeout in their final regular season game against the New Orleans Pelicans on April 9th, 2023, Gobert threw a punch at his teammate Anderson. Despite the altercation, the Timberwolves secured a crucial 113-108 win in that game. However, Gobert’s suspension following the punch severely impacted the Timberwolves’ depth, as they will face the Los Angeles Lakers without Gobert, backup center Naz Reid, and top perimeter defender Jaden McDaniels.

Draymond Green

How did Draymond Green respond to Gobert’s actions?

Golden State Warriors veteran forward Draymond Green weighed in on the situation, empathizing with Gobert but criticizing his decision to resort to physical violence. Green is no stranger to similar incidents, having punched his own teammate, Jordan Poole, during practice earlier in the season. He was fined for his actions. 

On his podcast, Green candidly addressed the incident, admitting that his own experience of punching Poole had negative consequences for his team. He described Gobert as being on the “softer side” but acknowledged newfound respect for the Frenchman standing up for himself. Green, however, maintained that Gobert’s choice to punch Anderson was a mistake.

Green, however, didn’t hold back on virtually slapping Gobert on his face after tweeting exactly the same words Gobert tweeted a few months ago when Green had his altercation with Poole. Fans were quick to notice the fun part, as it was sweet revenge on Green’s side and a sign of hypocrisy from Gobert’s.


What does this mean for Gobert and the Timberwolves?

Gobert, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, will be eligible to play if the Timberwolves lose to the Lakers in their play-in game or proceed to the playoffs. Since joining the Timberwolves in a blockbuster trade from the Utah Jazz, Gobert has been a significant contributor, averaging 13.6 points and 11.8 rebounds in 69 games this season.

However, Gobert has also stirred controversy by accusing NBA referees of conspiring against his team after a 107-100 loss to the Phoenix Suns. He suggested that unfair officiating in recent Wolves’ games was driven by a desire to see top stars like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and LeBron James in the playoffs, rather than the Timberwolves.


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