Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal debunks rumors of hiding to avoid lawsuit as news of his recent hip surgery shocks fans

He may have been one of the most dominant players in NBA history, but even Shaquille O’Neal can’t avoid the effects of aging. Recently, rumors surfaced that the towering 7ft 1″ Lakers legend was hiding in his mansion to avoid a lawsuit. However, it turns out that Shaq was unavailable due to an entirely different reason – he had undergone hip surgery.

Recent reports suggest that he underwent a surgical procedure, raising questions about his previous disappearance from public view amid accusations of hiding in his mansion to avoid legal proceedings.

What lawsuit Shaquille O’Neal is facing?

As a prominent promoter of the Crypto Exchange, FTX, O’Neal has also faced a lawsuit for his role in persuading customers to use the platform, which ultimately suffered a crash and led to the debt. However, lawyers were unable to serve him with papers due to his unavailability.

While Forbes reported on emails suggesting that he was indeed hiding in his 76,000 sq ft mansion, it now appears that O’Neal may simply have been recovering from hip surgery. This news was recently shared on social media by Shaq news and RaphouseTV’s official Twitter page, accompanied by a photograph of O’Neal in a hospital bed.

 Although it remains unclear when the surgery took place and whether it coincided with his period of unavailability, it could potentially serve as an alibi for O’Neal against the accusations. In any case, it is hoped that the surgery was successful, and history suggests that O’Neal’s resilience will enable him to return to his former strength in due course.

Shaquille O’Neal’s History of Surgeries and Resilience in Recovery 

Shaquille O'Neal

Despite his impressive physical stature, O’Neal has experienced several surgeries throughout his career. In 2002, he underwent surgery on his big toe, causing him to miss 12 games. Four years later, he had knee surgery that kept him sidelined for nearly two months. He also had thumb surgery in 2010 while playing for the Phoenix Suns, which ended his season prematurely. However, he recovered well enough to play one more season with the Boston Celtics before retiring.

While it may come as a shock to some fans that the Big Aristotle has added another surgery to his long list of medical procedures, Shaq’s resilience and determination to bounce back from past surgeries give hope that he’ll be back in no time. After all, this is a man who has proven time and time again that he won’t let anything keep him down for long. 

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