Lance Stroll crash update: reviewing the aftermath of Aston Martin driver’s Singapore GP woe

Lance Stroll almost escaped his fate after being severely injured on Saturday. It was the very first accident that occurred in the Singapore GP on the track of Marina Bay Street Circuit. All of this happened in a jiffy, and Lance was lucky enough not to get hurt in it.

Due to this, Lance unfortunately missed out on the Singapore GP. His Aston Martin teammate Fernando Alonso also had a poor night, finishing the race in the 15th position.

Lance Stroll crashes in Singapore GP qualifying

The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix’s first qualifying session was flagged early when the Canadian Driver lost control of his Aston Martin and crashed into the wall in the final corner on Saturday.

The 24-year-old Montreal native was able to walk away and said he was unhurt, telling his crew over the radio that he was okay. Lance was estimated to be travelling at approximately at 177km/h when he slammed into a barrier on the left-hand turn of a qualifying lap at the Marina Bay Street circuit.

“I am okay,” Stroll commented after the incident. “I’m frustrated as we have a big job – in the garage and on the race track – ahead of us.”

“I was struggling for grip throughout the qualifying session… When I saw my lap wasn’t improving, I pushed really hard in the last corner to try and make up that extra time, and that’s when it went wrong.”

The crash caused a lengthy delay of 34 minutes as crews worked to clear the damage and repair the barrier all over again.

Aftermath of Stroll’s crash

Lance’s crash had a huge impact on the concrete fence. It shifted the concrete fence mounting blocks by a good foot and a half. Each of them is only 3 and 2 tons.

“The only thing that matters today is that Lance is okay after the accident in qualifying,” said Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack. “To see him step out of the car unaided is a testament to the FIA’s constant work to improve safety.

“After some precautionary checks in the medical centre, he was cleared and released.”

“Aston Martin pay tribute to the ongoing work of the FIA and the safety measures of current Formula One cars.”

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