“LeBron is creeping into that territory” Skip Bayless drops savage comparison on King James and Kevin Durant’s egos

After reaching Billionairedom, the king now has his eyes on the podcast world and is apparently interested to expand his empire. LeBron James, the LA Lakers legend, seems annoyed with the sheer number of basketball experts who think they are “Dr. James Naismith”. To address these so-called Naismiths, James has hinted that he wants to start a podcast of his own.

“It’s so funny to me how many basketball experts there are on this app,” wrote James. “Everybody [is] Dr. James Naismith! It’s fascinating.

“Jumping on someone[‘s] podcast soon,” James added. “Maybe my own.”

The King’s biggest critic, Skip Bayless has explicated his thoughts by comparing him and none other than the baddest NBA player on the planet, Kevin Durant to the greatest NBA player of all-time Michael Jordan.


Bayless thinks that Michael Jordan would have never reacted the way LeBron did. “I covered Jordan he did not care what anybody said about him because they were irrelevant he just went out and shut them up on the basketball court so I agree with you this is Kevin Durant Esque because KD’s the thinnest skin superstar I have ever seen, he’s got burner accounts to defend himself and Lebron is creeping into that territory.”

3 years after being embarrassingly caught, Kevin Durant admits he still uses “Burner Accounts”. In 2017, Kevin endured one of the most humiliating online events in recent sports history. Moreover, because of mistakenly tweeting at an internet troll using his verified account, he was exposed for utilizing numerous burner accounts.

James, a 17-time All-Star and four-time champion, should be vigilant about his reactions by ensuring he doesn’t follow in KD’s footsteps into social media humiliation. Besides, he can learn to control his nerves from the greatest to ever play basketball, Michael Jordan.

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