LeBron James ain’t the one needs to be out there, it’s AD”: Stephen A. Smith rips into Lakers’ Anthony Davis while praising King James’ NBA work ethic

Stephen A. Smith is a renowned sports pundit who is known for speaking his mind, no matter the consequences. When LeBron James was caught taking warmup shots five hours before the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Game 3 clash with the Golden State Warriors, Smith praised the superstar. However, he didn’t hesitate to criticize Anthony Davis, claiming that he was the one who needed to step up his game.

Despite Davis’ dominance on both ends of the floor, he has been inconsistent during the 2023 NBA Playoffs. While the Lakers almost always seem to secure a win when he is playing at his best, he has been inconsistent, seemingly erupting in odd games and sputtering in even ones. This inconsistency has highlighted his tenure in LA, with fans wondering if he can lead the franchise after LeBron James leaves.

The Lakers’ victory in Game 3 of their series against the Warriors was a dominant display, but Davis probably cannot afford to drop the ball again. If the Lakers hope to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy once more this year, Anthony will likely need to be the best player on his team for the rest of the postseason. The mantle could soon be passed to him, and he will have to prove his worth as a leader.

Despite Davis’ inconsistency, the Lakers’ victory against the Warriors showcased James’ immense preparation. Even before the game, he was putting in the extra work necessary to secure a win. As the Lakers continue to battle the defending champions, it is probably best for James to continue this level of preparation.

In conclusion, Stephen A. Smith‘s criticisms of Anthony Davis are somewhat warranted, given his inconsistent performances in the playoffs. However, Davis has the potential to lead the Lakers to victory and prove his worth as a franchise player.

Meanwhile, LeBron James’ preparation and leadership are crucial to the Lakers’ success, and he must continue to put in the extra work necessary to secure more wins. As the playoffs continue, only time will tell if the Lakers can secure another championship.

Survey Says: Fans Crown Steph Curry More Likable than LeBron James

In a recent ESPN poll, NBA fans have spoken: Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is more likable than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. The poll was conducted during an “NBA Countdown” segment featuring the two players, and a series of questions were asked to determine what fans prefer about each of them.

While James took the vote for “larger impact on the NBA and game of basketball,” “larger impact off the court/in community,” and “better overall player,” Curry emerged victorious in the debate over “Who is more likable?” with 54% of the popularity vote, while James received 46%.

Interestingly, James also won the vote for “Who would you rather start a team with?” with 55% of the vote, compared to Curry’s 45%. However, Curry took the question of “Who would you rather take the game-winning shot?” at 53%.

The segment was presented by ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry, who noted that James and Curry are two of the most influential basketball players since Michael Jordan and have helped shape the NBA in the 21st century.

While some may question the validity of the poll, it is clear that Curry has a strong fan base who appreciate his skill and personality. As for James, while he may have lost out in the likability category, he is still widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history.

It is worth noting that this segment was broadcast during the pregame show for a Knicks-Heat playoff game, taking place thousands of miles away from the Warriors-Lakers matchup. Nonetheless, the poll results have sparked a debate among some fans and analysts alike about the popularity of these two NBA icons.


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