Watch: Aaron Rodgers’ trade to Jets announced by Adam Schefter on live TV draws priceless reaction from ESPN colleagues

NFL legend Aaron Rodgers has finally joined the New York Jets after the tantalizing drama of leaving the Green Bay Packers after 18 years.

Aaron Rodgers
“Zach Wilson is going to make Aaron Rodger’s life hell”: NFL fans throw a subtle dig at Jets QB following A-Rod’s move from Packers

After an unproductive season, the Green Bay Packers wanted to release their star quarterback, but there was so much drama before Aaron decided to join a new team. Even after his desire to join the Jets, there has been some complicated paperwork to finalize the deal, which was announced Monday.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Shefter broke the news, and his colleagues at the studio were surprised on live TV as he continued to read the details.

How was Aaron Rodgers’ joining news received?

The 39-year-old veteran has produced a handful of news stories for the media, and the reporters were on the run to collect every bit of information on him. Even once, he criticized NFL insiders for spreading baseless rumors of him joining different franchises prior to his decision.

However, Adam, despite the 10-time pro bowler’s ruthless criticism, continued his job to keep up with the latest news regarding his trade and got his reward on Monday, when the news was released for the first time on live TV, producing one of the most relishing moments of a journalist’s life.

The Jets traded a first-round pick for the four-time MVP and a lower pick in the 2023 NFL draft, considering it one of the bargain trades this offseason. His age and recent performance gave the Jets an upper hand in the negotiation.

In his lifelong tenure with the Packers, Rodgers won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP only once, alongside a four-time passer rating leader, a two-time passing touchdown leader, and a one-time completion percentage leader.

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