49ers’ GM shuts down DE Nick Bosa trade rumors despite contract uncertainty: “That hotline is closed, that never opened”

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa is in the fifth year of his rookie contract, signed in 2019, and yet there are no talks of his extension.

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Nick has been an exemplary athlete for the 49ers since joining after being picked second overall in the 2019 NFL draft. Later, he signed a four-year, $33.5 million contract with a fifth-year option contract with the franchise, and last year, the fifth-year option was activated to keep the player in San Francisco.

Though it is his last year on contract, 49ers general manager John Lynch has pulled the curtain on the rumors of the DE’s trade with a conclusive comment.

What did the 49ers’ GM say about Nick Bosa?

The 25-year-old established himself as an irreplaceable instrument from his very first season, and the absence of an extension deal has sparked rumors of his future at the franchise. GM John addressed those speculations and nipped them in the bud.

“That hotline is closed, that never opened,” the Niners GM says, shutting out all the talk of the three-time pro bowler moving elsewhere. It seems they are willing to keep him for the next season while negotiating a contract.

Bosa has spiked up his game since last year and was named the defensive player of the year with 41 solo tackles and 18.5 sacks in 16 games. Previously, his brilliance earned him the Defensive Rookie of the Year and the Deacon Jones Award.

Prior to his professional career, the Nines star played for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team for three years at the college level. However, it still makes the fans wonder why the 49ers are hesitating to offer a lucrative contract.

Do you think the 49ers will offer an extension soon? How would you rate Nick Bosa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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