Cowboys GM Jerry Jones takes hilarious shot at HC Mike McCarthy ahead of NFL Draft: “Drafting is not our problem, coaching is”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones delivered another earth-shattering comment on one of his most prominent employees during the press conference before the draft on Monday.

Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys owner apologizes for using derogatory term for  little people | CNN

The Cowboys don’t have the luxury of a draft pick for the 2023–24 season, and it seems the pressure has risen to a peak during the preparation in the offseason. The speculation also suggests the Cowboys’ picks will become a troubling factor in the next season’s outcome.

However, multi-billionaire Jerry didn’t like to appear even a bit weak and delivered a blasting comment about the situation in the press conference.

What did Jerry Jones say?

The 80-year-old businessman has seen a handful of ups and downs in his life, but every time he faced them with strong willpower and might. and supposedly he wanted to make a blasting entrance in the draft to establish his presence.

“Drafting is not our problem, coaching is,” the Cowboys owner said to the reporters while reflecting on his take on the present situation. The burning comment bamboozled everyone and shattered the media bubble instantly.

And the most interesting fact was that Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was sitting just beside him, looking astonished and angry at the same time. However, when it comes to Jones, he is known for his insensitive but dark sense of humor.

Mike got the responsibility of head coach in 2020 after his predecessor Jason Garrett’s 10-year service. In the meantime, the Cowboys have played in the playoffs twice and had a 60% winning percentage under his leadership.

Before that, McCarthy was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers for 13 years, won the 2010 Super Bowl, and was named the Maxwell Football Club NFL Coach of the Year. Recently, in February, the Cowboys had to let go of several coaching staff members, and he brought in new faces to the coaching staff, which might have nudged Jerry Jones to make his comment.

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