Shaquille O’Neal praises Lakers’ LeBron James over Dillon Brooks’ comment following Grizzlies’ game 4 loss

Shaquille O’Neal, a former LA Lakers player and now an analyst, is all praises for LeBron James following his 20-20 game against the Memphis Grizzlies. O’Neal thinks that Dillon Brooks, who made some bold comments about James after the Grizzlies won Game 2, should give James his respect after his impressive performance in the Lakers’ Game 4, 117-111 quadruple-overtime win.

Brooks called James “old” and said that he does not respect anyone who does not give him a 40-point performance. However, Shaq believes that James’ 20-20 performance is equivalent to a 40-point night, and Brooks needs to recognize that.

On TNT’s ‘Inside The NBA,’ O’Neal said, “LeBron had 20-20. Dillon Brooks said he doesn’t respect anybody until they get 40. 20 and 20 are 40, so hopefully, he’ll respect the man.”

James recorded 22 points and 20 rebounds, becoming the first LA Lakers player since Shaq to achieve at least 20 points and 20 rebounds in a playoff game. Shaq achieved the feat in Game 4 of the 2004 NBA Finals against the Detroit Pistons, where he dropped 36 points and 20 rebounds.

Despite his average scoring night, James made crucial plays, especially on defense and the glass, as he kept Jaren Jackson Jr. at bay. James also made a game-tying layup to force overtime and a crucial bucket with Brooks as his primary defender with 29.7 seconds left to extend the Lakers’ lead to five points. The play sealed the game for the Lakers, who were down by 15 points in the first half but overturned that deficit to take a seven-point lead midway through the final quarter.

Shaquille O’Neal praised James for his impressive performance and urged Brooks to give James the respect he deserves. It remains to be seen how Brooks will respond to O’Neal’s comments, but James has certainly proven his worth with his remarkable performance.

The Lakers’ Enduring Legacy: From Shaq to LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most iconic and successful franchises in NBA history, and their legacy remains secure from the Shaq era to the present-day LeBron James era. Despite the differences in style, personality, and approach, both Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James have played crucial roles in shaping the Lakers’ legacy and cementing their place in basketball history.

Shaq’s arrival in 1996 marked the beginning of the Lakers’ resurgence, as he and a young Kobe Bryant led the team to three consecutive championships from 2000-2002. Shaq’s dominant play and larger-than-life personality made him an instant fan favorite, and his impact on the Lakers’ success cannot be overstated.

Similarly, LeBron James’ arrival in 2018 signaled a new era for the Lakers, and he has quickly become the face of the franchise. Despite facing setbacks and challenges, LeBron has helped lead the Lakers to their 17th championship in 2020, cementing his place in the Lakers’ history.

In conclusion, the Lakers’ legacy remains secure, thanks to the contributions of players like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James. Both players have left their mark on the franchise and have helped establish the Lakers as one of the greatest teams in NBA history. As the Lakers continue to pursue excellence, their legacy will continue to thrive and inspire future generations of basketball players and fans.

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