“Sore losers”: NBA fans throw shade at Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks snubbing reporters following LeBron James heroics in Lakers triumph over Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks has been making headlines during the team’s first-round playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers, but not always for his performance on the court. Brooks had previously expressed a desire to face off against LeBron James and the Lakers in the playoffs, and even called LeBron “old” following Game 2 of the series.

However, Brooks found himself in hot water after being ejected in Game 3 for hitting James in the groin, and he chose not to speak with reporters after the game.

In Game 4, Brooks struggled once again, hitting only 4-of-11 shots from the field and 1-of-7 from beyond the arc, as the Lakers took a 3-1 series lead. And once again, he refused to speak with the media after the game, along with teammate Ja Morant.

Dillon Brooks didn’t speak to reporters for the second straight game. “I’m out,” he said. Fans took to Twitter to write about this. A fan tweeted- “Sore losers”. “Brooks I would understand. But Ja, not a great optics…”. While another tweeted “Chirp when they win and silent when they lose.”

While some may give Morant a pass for his performance in Game 4, Brooks’ poor play and refusal to speak with reporters after back-to-back losses is likely to draw criticism. Brooks has been vocal about his desire to face off against James and the Lakers, but he has failed to deliver on the court, averaging just 11 points on 33.3% shooting from the field in the series.

Trash-talking and gamesmanship are part of sports, but players are expected to face the music and speak with the media after losses. Brooks’ failure to do so may rub fans and media the wrong way, especially given his earlier comments about James and the Lakers.

Brooks’ role as an agitator is nothing new in the NBA, but if he wants to back up his talk, he needs to perform on the court and face the consequences, good or bad. Otherwise, his words will ring hollow, and his reputation may suffer.

LeBron James Makes History with First 20-20 Game in Lakers’ Commanding Playoff Victory

While Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks struggled in Game 4, the Lakers LeBron James had yet another historic performance with his first-ever 20-20 game, finishing with 22 points, 20 rebounds, and seven assists.

Despite Brooks’ attempts to antagonize him throughout the postseason, James remained focused and confident in his abilities. After the game, he expressed his excitement about achieving this milestone in his career.

Although James has accomplished many great things in his career, this was a new and noteworthy achievement. However, the highlight of the night was the Lakers’ victory in overtime, giving them a commanding 3-1 lead as they head back to Memphis for Game 5.

The Lakers will look to close out the series and advance to the next round of the playoffs while Brooks and the Grizzlies will have to fight to stay alive.

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