Nate Diaz brutally fires back at Jake Paul’s acceptance of KSI’s offer for ‘replacement’ fight saying: “Why don’t u to scared p****s just fight each other”

Future UFC Hall of Famer Nate Diaz will make his professional boxing debut against Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul on August 5th in Dallas, Texas. Diaz was last seen fighting in the UFC back in September 2022, where he fought and defeated Tony Ferguson headlining UFC 279.

Diaz who has always been known for his super confrontational personality outside the cage got into another serious scuffle this past week. Diaz was present with his team at Orleans to watch his training partner Chris Avila fight Paul Bamba at a Misfits boxing event held at the XULA Convention Center.

After the event in New Orleans, Diaz abruptly ended someone’s night on the street after provoking a fight with reality TV star Chase DeMoor by hurling a water bottle at him during the event. The person Diaz choked out was Rodney Petersen, a popular social media user known for his likeness to Logan Paul.

Following the incident an expected arrest warrant has been issued against Diaz and now his bout against Paul also seems to be in danger. Preempting the situation, another YouTuber-turned-professional boxer KSI didn’t miss an opportunity to assure his availability to fight ‘The Problem Child’ if Diaz is not available.

In a tweet, he said “Well, if that mean Jake won’t have an opponent in August… Then I’ll gladly come as the replacement after I KO Joe Fournier in May.” Paul was quick to respond as he acknowledged KSI’s willingness to take the fight. “Fight is at 185. There are no rehydration clauses. Stay in shape and we will give you a call if needed. Thanks, buddy for being so humble and committed.” Paul said

Diaz though, wasn’t really happy with Paul accepting the backup fight as he insisted Paul will fight KSI before him if he is so interested. The Stockton ‘Gangster’ wrote on Twitter “Lol why don’t you two scared pussies just fight each other August. I’ll fight someone who can really fight.”

Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul match-up

After defeating Tony Ferguson at UFC 279, Diaz happily exited from the premier organization after the exhaustion of his contract. Diaz did assure his fans that he will be back doing some form of combat but no one knew what, when, and how. A fight with Jake Paul was certainly on the cards as the two have had some animosity between them in the past but no one expected to bas as sudden as it has been.

Nate Diaz

Talking about the fight, Diaz says “Besides Canelo, he’s the biggest thang in boxing, I’m here to conquer that. I’m the King of combat sports and then I’m headed back to get my UFC belts. I f—ed up Conor for acting out and now here I am again, like a Super Hero of the Real Fight game, the King of the Real Fight game.”

The fight for Diaz is a tough one, although Paul is new to boxing he certainly has shown his abilities in the limited opportunities he has had.

Paul has gotten his hand raised against former UFC champions like Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva which also includes a clean ‘head to the canvas’ knockout. Paul although is coming off a loss against Tommy Fury and will be looking to get back in the win column while Diaz will likely pull off an upset by beating ‘The Problem Child’

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