Ryan Garcia goes on furious rant on ‘f*cking’ bitches Logan Paul and KSI: “Prime tastes like sh*t”

Ryan Garcia slams "b*****es" Logan Paul and KSI.

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Ryan Garcia is one of the most popular faces of boxing today. With only one loss in his professional career so far, he looks to redeem himself in a massive matchup with the undefeated Devin Haney on April 20th. However, the talented boxer has found himself in a whirlwind of controversies recently in preparation for … Read more


KSI won’t like Jake Paul’s music career jab with surprise offer after Neeraj Goyat bold callout



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KSI has been one of the biggest influencers to come out of the United Kingdom and has established himself as one of the biggest names on YouTube, while also being the founder of crossover boxing when he took on Joe Weller to start this entire saga that is still capturing headlines. He has been successful … Read more


Jake Paul attacks Logan’s legitimacy for Mike Tyson fight offer after KSI hypocrisy

Logan Paul (left) Jake’s (right)

Logan Paul (left) made sure to attend little bro Jake’s (right) boxing match against Nate Diaz despite battling it out at SummerSlam that very same day.


Jake Paul is set to partake in the most high-profile matchup of his life so far against one of the greatest of all time, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Though the collective reaction of the community to the sanctioning of this bout wasn’t exactly pleasant, it is certain that everyone will tune in on fight night. Just … Read more


Ryan Garcia alleges dangerous ingredients in Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink Prime ‘killing’ kids

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia takes shots at prime

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Ryan Garcia captured the World Boxing Council interim lightweight title in 2021. He is also recognized for his social media presence and close connections with social media influencers. Ryan frequently partnered with well-known influencers to create content and boost engagement on his social media accounts. He is notorious for stating outrageous things that gain media attention. … Read more


Fans bamboozled after Adin Ross claims Andrew Tate and Tristian Tate must blame KSI for arrest: “That’s quite a stretch”

Adin Ross

Adin Ross kick

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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania yet again on Monday. The Tate brothers were arrested in Romania under charges of human trafficking, rape, and sexual assault. Reports are rife that they are in the process of getting extradited to the UK. Earlier, it was speculated that streamer Adin Ross was … Read more


KSI and boxing community raised the same issue about Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing match: “No one wanted this”

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight set for July 20 on Netflix.

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The transition of former YouTube sensation Jake Paul to a professional boxer led the entire space of YouTube to change with the recent concept of crossover boxing. But ‘The Problem Child’ has now reached levels of fame and attention that have boiled over to the world of pro boxing, forcing boxing purists to be well … Read more


Jake Paul takes sly dig at KSI after Deen The Great sheds light on Misfits’ lawsuit threats

Jake Paul goes off on KSI

Jake Paul goes off on KSI referring to Misfits Lawsuit.

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After a public negotiation with Adin Ross, Deen the Great and Adam Saleh are set to face each other for 5 rounds in Miami, Florida on the 16th of March, which would be live streamed on Kick via Adin Ross’ stream. This is a highly anticipated bout for boxing fans as discussions of Saleh facing … Read more

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Why did PBA suspend KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotions license? Everything you need to know

Misfits Boxing promoter KSI


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PBA, Professional Boxing Association, is a sanctioning authority which provides license and upholds boxers safety and fairness of the competition. Recently PBA and Misfits Boxing, launched by Youtuber KSI are making headlines. Misfits Promotion has staged multiple celebrity fights mostly of KSI. Recently KSI fought Tommy Fury,and the fight got surrounded by controversies. The fight … Read more


KSI defends Logan Paul after launch of CryptoZoo buyback program, sheds light on new NFT project “99 originals”

KSI and Logan Paul

KSI and Logan Paul


KSI and Logan Paul, the founders of Prime share a very close bond with each. Recently KSI came out to support his close friend Logan after he was facing criticism for his buyback program. The dynamic world of influencers and crypto ventures continues to evolve, and in this piece, we dive into KSI’s recent endorsement … Read more


KSI’s manager brutally slams Jake Paul with transphobic insult after USA boxing introduce new transgender policies: “You got this Joselyn Paul”

Jake Paul and KSI

Jake Paul and KSI

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KSI and Jake Paul are two big names on social media and in the boxing community. Both influencers turned boxers have had a bitter relationship with each other, even though Jake’s brother Logan Paul is KSI’s business partner, but the feud between the two continues. A new development has occurred in the always contentious realm … Read more