KSI’s manager brutally slams Jake Paul with transphobic insult after USA boxing introduce new transgender policies: “You got this Joselyn Paul”

KSI and Jake Paul are two big names on social media and in the boxing community. Both influencers turned boxers have had a bitter relationship with each other, even though Jake’s brother Logan Paul is KSI’s business partner, but the feud between the two continues.

A new development has occurred in the always contentious realm of boxing rivalry on social media as the manager of KSI hurls a transphobic remark at Jake Paul.

KSI’s manager takes sly dig ta Jake Paul

After USA Boxing, the national governing body for Olympic-style and amateur boxing in the United States, announced the addition of a new Transgender Policy to their rule book for 2024, which allows men who change their gender to become females to compete in the female category, KSI’s manager Mams Taylor took a dig at Jake Paul quoting the announcement.

Mams Taylor expressed that he wrongly assessed Jake Paul’s potential to become a world champion. He believes that Jake, with the introduction of new rules and regulations, can compete in the female category and will have a good shot at winning the title as a transgender athlete.

Mams Taylor referred to Jake as Joselyn Paul in his article, and his jest may have left a sting in Jake’s mind, prompting him to respond to it soon. Jake Paul, on the other hand, continues to make a smooth transition into professional boxing and is moving forward steadily.

KSI and Jake Paul’s beef explored

Jake Paul and KSI have a long-running feud, but how did it all start? What is the reason for their feud? The story goes back to the early days of YouTube boxing, when KSI took on Logan Paul (Jake’s brother) in a boxing fight, but it ended in a draw. Later, the rematch between the two took place in 2019, where KSI secured a split-decision win.

At that time, Jake and KSI often engaged in a heated exchange of words that eventually got built up and they now hate each other’s guts. Jake says that he wants to avenge his brother’s loss against KSI. According to Jake, his brother got very hurt after his loss against KSI and was talking about how bad the loss felt.

Logan and KSI might have joined hands together for business, but Jake refuses to move on, is still holding the grudge, and wants to take his brother’s revenge. Whereas KSI as well doesn’t like Jake very much. KSI said, “I don’t know, we’ve kind of just hated each other for so many years.”

He added, “It’s one of the ones where he thinks he’s better than me, I think he’s trash… We just don’t see eye to eye. I just think he’s a d***head. I just don’t think he’s a good person. I know he’s got friends, I know he’s got a lot of people that like him, but there’s a lot of people that hate him, and I’m one of them.”

There are several occasions when Jake and KSI challenge each other to a fight, but the combat has not yet taken place. It will be interesting to see if they settle their grudges inside the ring or continue to take digs at each other.


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