Which special conditions does USA boxing plan to implement to let transgender females fight in women’s division?

USA boxing is finally coming to a conclusion that will give comfort not just to females but also to transgenders. For a very long time, debates have been running in the sports news about why transgender people started to take part in particular sports.

Many females targeted gender equality because they believed that transgender people had way more natural strength than females. This is big news in terms of decision-making coming from boxing authorities after earlier PBC announced their broadcasting deal.

What special conditions does USA boxing plan to introduce to support transgender women?

USA Boxing recently made an announcement on the criteria and policies every transgender person has to follow before entering the ring, especially for those who turned female from male. They will have more to prove before stepping into the boxing ring.

USA Boxing has specially announced that they are making their best effort in terms of the safety of female boxers as well as fair competition. They clearly mentioned the purpose for this policy is fairness only. “The purpose of this policy is to provide fairness and safety for all boxers.”

This criteria for transgender people includes a declaration where they can identify their gender, complete bottom surgery or gender surgery, and then regular hormonal testing reports to be submitted.

They also specifically mentioned that the hormone levels that provide actual strength to a man, called testosterone, should be below 5 nmol/L at least. This criterion is only applicable for the first fight. After that, the boxer will have to maintain a testosterone level of 5 nmol/L or lower.

The main highlights were to bring the strength levels equal to those of a female, but according to some, there is still room for improvement.

After looking at the new policies, former boxing champions made remarks on what USA boxing is appointing right now in terms of gender equality in the boxing ring.

Former boxing champs react to USA Boxing’s new policies

Recently, Ebanie Bridges, who recently lost the belt against Miyo Yoshida, addressed the new conditions being applied to allow transgender fighters to compete in boxing. The former world champion went on to Twitter and criticized how transgender people are breaking records, especially in all other sports like track and field, powerlifting, and swimming.

Ebanie Bridges showed her unhappiness with USA boxing’s new policies for transgender people.

“I wonder if these people in USA boxing who agreed to this were women who have sparred a man the same size as them that’s not held back on them and felt the difference in speed, power, and punch resistance… And that’s with big gloves and headgear. I fucken doubt it, prob a bunch of c*nuts who’ve not even boxed.”

Jamel Herring, a former champion and now looking to fight against undefeated Gervonta Davis, is concerned about the safety of females as he mentioned even after surgery or Testosterone therapy the males have advantages in terms of strength that can be harmful. The former champion urged USA Boxing to rethink the policy changes.
Jamel Herring looked happy with the efforts of USA boxing in terms of improving the experience of all genders and complete fair practice. Jermel has given his point of view on improvement if USA Boxing wants to include it in their policy.

What are your thoughts on the new USA boxing policy? Do you think it still need improvements in their policy, as the former IBF champion mentioned in her tweet?

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