Is Andrade heading towards WWE after ugly split with AEW?

Manuel Alfonso Andrade Oropeza also known as Andrade El Idolo, is one of the prominent figures in the wrestling industry. The superstar wrestled for both WWE and AEW, he joined WWE in 2015 under the ring name Andrade “Cien” Almas and has had feuds with Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio.

Andrade has been a member of AEW since June of 2021, and the superstar has recently spoken about his decision to split from the company due to his contract expiring on December 30, 2023. The superstar is likely to return to WWE shortly after he is free from AEW.

Andrade returning to WWE?

Andrade El Idolo joined WWE in 2015 and had his in-ring debut the following month in Tampa, Florida. The superstar joined the NXT division first where he fought against Drew McIntyre and became the NXT Champion in 2017. After he was placed on the main roster he became the WWE United States Champion in 2019 and defended the title against Rey Mysterio on Monday Night Raw in a Ladder Match, which he won by giving Rey the Hammerlock DDT through a ladder.

According to Wrestle Purists, Andrade will depart from AEW after the Worlds End pay-per-view event and will return to WWE on Day 1 RAW, which is on January 1, 2024. The caption of the post in Twitter/X added, “According to WrestlePurists sources, Andrade El Idolo is expected by many in AEW to finish up with the company tonight at World’s End. He is also believed by many within AEW to be heading back to WWE. Some think it could happen as soon as the Day 1 RAW. A WWE source we spoken to is aware of the talk surrounding Andrade and is expecting him to join the company imminently.”

What happened between Andrade and AEW?

Andrade’s last match in AEW was on Worlds End, where he faced Miro and lost the match after the said superstar applied his finishing submission, making Andrade tap out. Some sources close to the superstar say that Andrade is leaving AEW due to a disagreement, while others say the decision is amicable. It is still not clear why he is leaving the company, as the superstar has not clearly stated anything.

After the Worlds End event, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Andrade’s contract issue in a media scrum saying, “Andrade El Idolo’s contract is up at the end of the year, we’ve had great talks. I have a ton of respect for Andrade El Idolo, he’s been a huge performer in the Continental Classic. I wanted to keep him involved at the top, and if had been able to reach an agreement, certainly he would be somebody we would slot in in a prominent position. I think we did everything we could to show Andrade El Idolo that we do value him, and this last run he’s had in recent months has been tremendous. If this is the way he’s going to leave AEW, talk about leaving on a high note.”

Fan are both sad and happy for Andrade, as he is leaving AEW after such a long time, while other are happy that he will return to WWE, where he had his first big break and also where his wife ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair wrestles.


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