What’s next for MJF after Adam Cole’s revelation as the “Devil”?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman also known as MJF is the leading face of Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The superstar has been a fan favorite since his debut on the main roster, and he is the former World Championship holder, a title he won from Jon Moxley at Full Gear in Newark, New Jersey.

‘The Devil’ is one of the most enigmatic characters in AEW, and since his appearances, he has been a thorn for the champion. Recently, the identity of the “devil” was revealed, and it turned out to be MJF’s good friend, shocking AEW fans worldwide.

What’s next for MJF after AEW Worlds End?

AEW Worlds End will go on to be the most memorable event in AEW history. With the match of Samoa Joe vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman for the AEW World champion, MJF will likely go on a hiatus for the time being as the superstar has accumulated a lot of injuries and still continued until the interval of the ‘Devil’ chapter.

During the match Samoa Joe locked MJF in the Coquina Clutch, after which MJF tapped out, resulting in the submission victory and Joe becoming the new champion. At the end of the event, the Devil’s member went on to attack Maxwell.

One member went on to attack Adam Cole who was in the ringside to support his friend, just as the attack was about to hit, the lights cut off and after it was switched on, Adam was standing there in his ‘Devil’ persona.

The revelation shocked MJF, as the other members of the team, along with Cole, were Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Wardlow. The four men went on to beat the 27-year-old superstar. At the end, Adam took off his mask and laid it bare on MJF’s chest, finally reaching a climax in the Devil storyline.

MJF’s AEW contract status

MJF’s contract with AEW is set to expire on January 1, 2024, and he said openly that he’s here for the money and there should be a bidding war for his talent. Following the World End event Tony Khan was asked about MJF’s new contract in the press conference. He said he could not talk about the future of MJF with the company and how much grateful they were as MJF practically helped build the company.

“Right now I can’t comment on the future of MJF and AEW other than to say that we’re very grateful for everything that he’s done to get us here. MJF has been a very big part of AEW now for 5 years, and he is one of the people who helped build this place. He was in the first AEW match ever. He wrestled through the pandemic. He was on the Brodie Lee tribute show which was three years ago, today. He was a big part of that. In fact, Brodie Lee Jr hit him with a cane during the tribute show.”

During an interview with Scott Fishman of TVInsider before the Worlds End event, MJF told what AEW can do to improve as a company in 2024. He said, “We are bettering the product, I think it’s very important when we read criticism we take it as constructive. We are trying to be the listening company. I think the reason there is so much criticism online, and I’m starting to see it lessen because we are starting to give people what they are asking for.”

Fans are wishing MJF a quick recovery and hope to see the superstar return to AEW with a better and longer contract deal as well as taking his revenge on the faction of the ‘Devils’.


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