Jake Paul attacks Logan’s legitimacy for Mike Tyson fight offer after KSI hypocrisy

Jake Paul is set to partake in the most high-profile matchup of his life so far against one of the greatest of all time, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Though the collective reaction of the community to the sanctioning of this bout wasn’t exactly pleasant, it is certain that everyone will tune in on fight night.

Just before his upcoming fight, Jake Paul finds himself embroiled in yet another public spat. This time, the target of his frustration is none other than his own brother, Logan Paul. The incident took place in an episode of Logan’s podcast, “Impaulsive,” which featured Jake’s longtime rival, KSI.

Jake Paul points finger at Logan’s legitimacy for Mike Tyson claim

In the latest episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, he sat down with his business partner and also his younger brother’s biggest rival to talk about everything that was going down on the internet, including the upcoming Tyson vs Paul fight. When Logan asked KSI about his opinions on the fight, the UK star criticized Jake like he had done before on social media, saying that the fight made him “sad.”.

A few moments later, they began discussing why Jake and Tyson both took this fight in the first place and that was when Logan stated that it was mostly for the big paydays they would get. Following that, Logan stated that he too got offered to fight Tyson but the pay was not as good, for which he declined the fight. It was this comment which set off another drama between the Paul brothers.

Jake Paul, not taking his older brother’s comments nicely, went on record and pointed fingers at his brother, saying, “It is weird to just blatantly lie.” He expressed that Logan’s comments made him look like a second option, which were based on a lie to top it all off. Jake made it clear that it was him and his team who signed a deal with Netflix and brought a fight offer to Mike Tyson, and not the other way around with the boxing legend looking for a fight.

Jake disclosed how he chooses to “air out” his relationship with his older brother, as this is not the first time they have gone at each other but just one of a series of altercations, some of which happened not too long ago.

Jake Paul highlights KSI hypocrisy with MVP post

Jake Paul, in the midst of discussing the situation with his brother, also threw a punch at his main rival, KSI. Paul’s boxing promotional unit, the Most Valuable Promotion (MVP), shared a video on Instagram featuring KSI discussing the possibility of facing off against the legendary Mike Tyson on a future event. The British superstar was extending an apology for his previous remarks about Tyson, asserting that he would effortlessly triumph over him given his advanced years.

He stated that he would actually be unable to beat Mike Tyson, which is a huge contrast to the tone he used in Logan’s podcast, as he expressed a sense of pity towards Tyson for accepting this fight. Jake Paul did not spare this opportunity and went viral with the two separate clips joined together to call out KSI’s hypocrisy.

Although the temporary grudge between the Paul brothers would most probably be settled, the intense bad-blood between KSI and Jake Paul does not seem to be cooling down any time soon, or ever.


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